Hydrocolloid Plaster: The Miracle Weapon Against Herpes?


Thin translucent patches to relieve herpes and acne. Three questions about the new hydrocolloid patches to the pharmacist of our trust.

Where does the trend come from?

From Asia, where pure skin traditionally has a great importance. The underlying conclusion is the finding that wounds heal better in the damp than in the dry. This has long been taken into account in professional wound care. In this country, there have been blistering patches for years on the hydrocolloid principle, which are slightly thicker and therefore cushion, as well as herpes patches. Now a wave of hydrocolloid acne patches floods the US. Again, there are some already to buy – but please do not confuse with the active ingredient acne patches that work with about salicylic acid to completely different principle.

So we can finitely let go of the pimples

So they make wound healing easier – what else can they do?

Take up excess fluid, so that cold sores and pimples alone become significantly flatter. That’s why the patches bring most, if the impurity is already a few days old or the herpes is already blooming. Those who fumble excessively on their pimples and thereby constantly worsen their skin appearanceskin picking is the technical term – benefit even more. That is no longer possible.

Can you overmix?

Hm. That say the manufacturer of the herpes patch, but you will not overlook the place anyway. But even without make-up or powder, the whole thing is much more discreet than a normal patch, which indeed times over a particularly terrible pimple cardboard. The pimple patches are supposed to be glued on in the evening and pulled off in the morning anyway. Herpes plasters usually resolve themselves, because the lip always moves a lot.