HYDROGENE DE FRANCE: HDF Energy and PT PLN (Persero) will cooperate in the development of hydrogen power plants in Indonesia – 2023-04-18 at 18:45

Bordeaux, April 18, 2023 –

Hydrogène de France SA (“HDF Energy”), a global pioneer of high power hydrogen power plants, has signed a memorandum of understanding with PT PLN (Persero), the Indonesian public electricity company, for the development of Renewstable projects


HDF in Indonesia, in the presence of the French Foreign Trade Minister Olivier Becht, the Indonesian Ambassador to France and the Chairman and CEO of PLN.

This Memorandum of Understanding aims to establish cooperation in the development of hydrogen-related activities, particularly in the electricity generation sector. Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade Olivier Becht affirmed France’s commitment to supporting Indonesia’s energy transition and expressed its unwavering support for the collaboration between HDF and PLN.

The Indonesian Ambassador to France pointed out that the cooperation between PLN and HDF is a way to meet the future increase in energy demand through renewable energy and innovative investments.

PLN Chairman and CEO Mr. Darmawan Prasodjo said both parties are committed to ensuring clean, reliable and affordable energy. Through this collaboration, PLN is proud to be part of the global community implementing greener energy solutions.

This cooperation marks a new step in the realization of the development of non-intermittent renewable energy, from multiple resources, including hydrogen. We also hope that the collaboration between PLN and HDF will strengthen the bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and France.

“said Mr. Prasodjo.

As an island nation, Indonesia is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Moreover, 90% of its energy today comes from fossil fuels. And the majority of the country depends on isolated power grids powered by diesel plants, especially in the eastern regions where HDF Energy operates.

HDF Energy will thus accelerate the development of its 22 Renewstable projects


in Indonesia, whose project on the island of Sumba is the most advanced. Renewstable Power Plants


are multi-megawatt infrastructures, producing non-intermittent, non-polluting, stable and guaranteed electricity, day and night. They combine intermittent renewable energy and massive energy storage in the form of hydrogen. It is the green alternative to thermal power stations, thus avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, fine particles and noise pollution.

With 10 years of hands-on experience across the entire hydrogen value chain, HDF’s team of high-powered hydrogen infrastructure experts will help PLN improve its skills in the field of hydrogen. ‘hydrogen.

Mr. Damien Havard, Chairman and CEO of Hydrogène de France SA, said:

We are proud to partner with PT PLN (Persero) and join forces to accelerate the development of our hydrogen power plant projects in Indonesia, which faces unique constraints due to its archipelago territory. Our Renewstable plants


can help the country decarbonize its electricity networks while supporting the government’s development program for eastern Indonesia. Our very large pipeline of projects in Indonesia will make the country one of the leaders in green hydrogen in Asia. »

Mr. Darmawan Prasodjo, President and Director of PT PLN, indicated

: “

It is not just about signing an agreement, nor about collaborating on strategy, innovation and technology. This is a collaboration that will translate into concrete operational results. This is the cooperation that PLN needs to help address global challenges”.


HDF Energy is a global pioneer in high power hydrogen power plants. The Company designs and develops power plants that produce non-intermittent, non-polluting renewable energy, day and night. In addition, HDF Energy organises, through dedicated project companies, their financing, construction and operation.

HDF is the designer of the Renewstable plants


its flagship model, multi-megawatt power plants producing continuous electricity from intermittent renewable energies (wind or solar) and massive energy storage in the form of green hydrogen generated on site.

HDF Energy is also an industrialist who will mass-produce, from 2024, in its factory near Bordeaux, the most strategic component of its power plants: high-power fuel cells. Thanks to this industrial activity, HDF Energy, a major player in the production of electricity for networks, is also becoming a player in heavy, maritime and rail mobility. The company develops, with strategic partners, hydrogen freight locomotive projects as well as large ship propulsion projects and their auxiliary energy generation.

Present on five continents, HDF Energy is developing a business portfolio of more than 5 billion euros to date.

HDF Energy is listed on Compartment B of Euronext, a member of the “Euronext Tech Leaders” segment.

For more information: www.hdf-energy.com

ABOUT PT PLN (Persero)

PT PLN Persero is the Indonesian public electricity company. It is committed to innovating to carry out its priority missions in terms of electricity and support for the country’s development. With the ambition to be a leading power utility in Southeast Asia, PLN is the customers’ number one option for providing energy solutions. PLN aims to transform itself into a green, efficient, innovative and customer-focused company, in order to provide electricity to improve the daily lives of users.


PT PLN (Persero)

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HDF Energy

HDF Energy – Asia Director

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