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When you change your sheets, are you the type to roll your dirty duvet cover and pillowcases into a ball in your arms before putting them in the washing machine?

This is an "error", warns the famous general practitioner Michel Cymes, at the microphone ofRTL… And yes, according to the specialist, many of us have this bad unhygienic habit.

Viruses, bacteria: wash your sheets regularly, but not just any old way!

If Michel Cymes recalls the need to wash your sheets regularly (every 15 days, as soon as you have a "irreproachable personal hygiene"), in which we sweat, since we spend an average of 7 to 8 hours a night there, he warns about a detail that is nevertheless important …

And this detail is none other than this reflex that many of us have: take our dirty sheets against us, before washing them in the machine.

So, "you have just put dirty linen (your sheets) in contact with clean linen (the clothing you are wearing)", the general practitioner points out to us. By wanting to wash your sheets in this way, you are therefore transferring potential microparticles, bacteria, fungi or even viruses …

Hygiene: how to avoid dispersing germs in your home when you change your sheets?

The solution proposed by Michel Cymes to avoid this type of mishap? Invest in a basket for dirty laundry (and above all, use it every time you change the sheets!). Be careful, here again, it recalls an important hygiene rule: "a dirty laundry basket is for dirty laundry!" No way, therefore, to put clean laundry there, because "it's a pretty good way to transport viruses and bacteria", he specifies.

And with regard to the ideal temperature for washing clothes well, and getting rid of dirt, a temperature of 40 ° C minimum would be indicated.

Better still, to eliminate all living microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.) present on our sheets, we should not hesitate to opt for washing at high temperature. "If you push up to 60 °, you become a bedding terminator, an eradicator of the most resistant germs, in short you are making a very good choice!", assures Michel Cymes.

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