“Hypocrite” or climate rescuer ?: Basta announcement for Vettel from racing legend

“Hypocrites” or climate rescuers?
Basta announcement for Vettel from racing legend

Sebastian Vettel has been driving in Formula 1 for 15 years. Rally legend Walter Röhrl is visibly dissatisfied that the former world champion is also attracting a lot of attention with activities off the track. Vettel has also repeatedly indicated how difficult his role is for him.

Sebastian Vettel wants to be more than a racing driver. The 34-year-old has been campaigning for climate protection for years. At the same time, the native of Heppenheim travels around the world with the premier class entourage during the season. Walter Röhrl does not understand how Vettel can reconcile his commitment to the environment and his job as an F1 driver.


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“I once asked myself what happened to him. But when I think about it after 15 years in motorsport and now I think I’m an environmental polluter, then I have to stop, that’s that!” Said the 75-year-old the “Picture on Sunday”.

Although Röhrl noted that Vettel, as an advocate for more climate protection, would not lose all focus on Formula 1, he lacked some of the motivation for the “thousandth of a second business”. “It’s hard for him to whine that he wants to do something for the environment and at the same time fly around the world with Formula 1. You then have to consistently adjust your life accordingly,” concluded the German motorsport icon.

Vettel practices self-criticism: “I’m not a saint”

Vettel recently practiced self-criticism. “Driving a car is my passion and every time I get in a car, I love it,” said the four-time world champion on a BBC talk show: “Of course, when I get out of the car, I also think: Is something we should be doing – traveling around the world and wasting resources”. When asked by the BBC presenter whether he was not a “hypocrite” as a Formula 1 driver and climate activist, Vettel answered clearly and unequivocally: “You are right.”

“I’m not a saint. I’m worried about the future. The questions about energy and energy dependency concern me. We have to stop being dependent on energy. And we can do that. There are solutions for this,” Vettel continued .

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