Hyundai pauses development of its Genesis hydrogen car

Ahlem Reggani

January 03, 2022 at 8:55 am


Genesis G80 - Hyundai © Genesis

© Hyundai

Hyundai has stopped developing its line of Genesis hydrogen cars. The suspension of this premium vehicle project would be linked to the problems encountered during the manufacture of a new generation of fuel cells.

Just after announcing the end of development of its combustion engines, the Korean automaker also put its Genesis project on hold, a line of luxury cars. Without indicating whether this break would be temporary or permanent.

The new fuel cell questioned

Last September, Hyundai announced its project to develop hydrogen cars. With this in mind, the manufacturer had embarked on the design of a new fuel cell system 3e generation, which he intended to integrate into his future vehicles. This novelty, which was scheduled to be introduced to the automotive market by 2040, would have succeeded the Hyundai Nexo FCEV fuel cell.

But the progress of this pile has been judged ” unsatisfactory »By the automobile company, according to the Korean media Chosun. The unfulfilled commercial targets for this new technology prompted Hyundai to put the development of its hydrogen vehicles on hold.

Hyundai had set a period of four years for the development of its range of Genesis vehicles. However, the rise in the price of hydrogen, the slowdown in the construction of its fuel cells, as well as their significantly lower than expected sales have resulted in an indefinite suspension of this project.

Hyundai’s switch to hydrogen suspended

In 2016, the firm seemed to have high hopes for the future of hydrogen vehicles, considering that electric cars would only be a stopgap for cars powered by fuel cells. But the many obstacles encountered in the design of hydrogen vehicles have obviously pushed the automotive giant to change its strategy.

Following this decision, other brands of the Hyundai group incorporating this new technology could suffer the same fate. The future of hydrogen cars seeming uncertain, the Korean manufacturer is now refocusing on electric vehicles.

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