“I almost died three times”

At the head of the new TF1 series Panda, Julien Doré indulged in some confidences about the filming of the series. And it is certain that he gave of himself!

This is the new series that everyone is waiting for on TF1. Julien Doré plays in Panda, a new series which features him in the role of a rather unusual police officer. Even if we had already seen him appear during an episode in the series Ten percentthe singer is now the main character of Panda. On the occasion of the upcoming release of this series, the artist gave several interviews, including one to Julia Vignali this Saturday, November 25 on Europe 1. He took the opportunity to make secrets without filter on the filming of the program. And we can say that he risked his life there.

Julien Doré reveals in particular that he did his stunts himself, and that it was not easy: “ I almost died three times. » But that’s not all, because the actor also had to endure an offensive from several animals. A dog had started by attacking him, making him understand that he “ was not happy that I was there, which was difficult for the rest. » There was also a difficult scene to shoot with horse, to whom he held on simply by grabbing its mane: “ When a 600kg horse like that decides to go far with you on it, the trot can be painful.. »

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Julien Doré in a whole new register

Panda is a mini-series, made up of six episodes, each of which will last 52 minutes. It tells the story of a former police officer, who became the owner of a straw hut. Living with his 16-year-old teenager, the man had decided to leave this life behind him. But an event will make him return to service despite himself. We will therefore find him alongside his teammate, solving investigations, in his own way: flip-flops, faded t-shirt, without weapons and above all without violence. We can’t wait to find out what this can bring!
Panda can be found from November 30 on TF1, from 9:10 p.m..

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