“I am all alone in my delirium”: Vianney’s rare confidences on his faith: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

He is considered the darling of the French public. Vianney is however not an artist like the others. The one that can be seen on TF1, every Saturday evening as a coach in The Voice, is a devotee. To his family, first; the singer is in a relationship with cellist Catherine Robert and has not hesitated to “adopt” his ten-year-old daughter. To his convictions, then. At 30, Vianney does not forget his past as a scout, his education in military school, or his religious beliefs. Habitually discreet about his Catholic faith, this one explains, during an interview broadcast on Sunday March 28, 2021 in Seven to eight, sure TF1, what religion implies for him. If he admits to being active and going to Sunday mass regularly, the interpreter of Father in law concedes: “It’s certain, I am alone in my delirium“.

“We have to assume it, it’s part of us”

Vianney, who broke several chairs during the filming of the tele-hook of TF1, initially assures to be the only celebrity to go to the church. “I do not see people in the trade there “ assures the songwriter before specifying however: “if I see any two or three but who are hiding“, he declares without revealing the names of the people he mentions. Proud of his convictions, he prefers not to hide from it. “I don’t blame them but I have always thought we had to take responsibility for who we were. Of course, I was asked questions when I assumed my beliefs but frankly I never suffered. People have always been understanding and I don’t attack anyone with thathe adds.

The secret for Vianney is to do not “to evangelize“. His credo? Religion should be a subject specific to everyone.”Strangely, I notice that people of Muslim faith find it easier to assume it. It’s better this way. It’s part of us ” he continues before concluding: “On the other hand the limit is not to try to convince people. We are not here for that. It’s our personal path but people have theirs and we must give them this freedom“.

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