“I am allergic to chemicals”: Brigitte Bardot explains why she is not vaccinated against Covid-19

No, Brigitte Bardot will not be vaccinated against Covid-19. In the columns of Gala this Thursday, January 6, the French icon explained that she refuses this treatment because she is allergic to chemicals.

Piss off the unvaccinated “. here Emmanuel Macron’s new workhorse, as part of the fight against Covid-19. While the disease is gaining more and more ground in France especially because of the Omicron variant, the government has decided to move up a gear. And as Jean Castex had promised, the health pass will turn into a vaccination pass. The much-maligned bill was adopted at first reading by the National Assembly on the night of January 6. An announcement that may annoy those who are against this vaccine pass, like Booba who explained himself on Twitter two days earlier.

I am against #PassVaccinal, against compulsory vaccination for our children too! We can only force people to be vaccinated with a tested vaccine that is 100% effective. Otherwise, we are hamsters”Wrote the rapper. A feeling that Brigitte Bardot also shares. The star of the Madrague had confided to Paris here January 6, 2021 be against vaccination. “Side effects are not known. This vaccine may be unusable because the virus will mutate. He has already started. This is only the start of a race for money for laboratories and for sacrifices by the thousands for guinea pigs”, Asserted the wife of Bernard d’Ormale.

“I refused to do it against yellow fever”

And a year later, it remains camped on its positions. With one detail. In the columns of Gala this Thursday, January 6, Brigitte Bardot explained not to be vaccinated, but for medical reasons. “Oh no, I’m allergic to all chemicals!”, Asserted the mother of Nicolas-Jacques Charrier. The proof, Brigitte Bardot has revealed that she has never been vaccinated against yellow fever. Treatment however compulsory to travel to Africa. “Even when I traveled to Africa, I refused to do so for yellow fever. My doctor at the time wrote me a false certificate. I left and came back in great shape!”, Unveiled the star committed to the defense of animals. A new statement which could well “piss off” the government.

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