“I am one of those men”, this quality that Valentin Kretz looks for in women

The book Welcome to the Agency, which has just been published by Fayard, is a wealth of information on the different members of the Kretz family from the real estate series “The Agency” (Netflix, TMC). We discover in particular that Valentin Kretz has a very modern conception of women and couples.

This work on the Kretzes, this gifted luxury real estate family, is definitely rich in surprising information. We learn, among other things, that Majo Kretz, aged 90, suffers from severe osteoarthritis (unsuspected when you watch the series) but also that freeloaders were invited to the wedding of Olivier and Sandrine Kretz, going so far as to steal the guests’ handbags… Valentin Kretz’s confidences are just as interesting on the qualities he looks for in a woman and they were decisive in the balance of the couple he formed with Charina.

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Love at first sight between Charina and Valentin Kretz

In his younger years, before starting a long internship in finance in New York, Valentin Kretz went on a long backpacking trip to Asia. While he visits the Philippines, he is far from suspecting that he will find love there thanks to one of his friends, who absolutely wants to introduce him to his best girlfriend. “ He really wants me to meet her. It smells like an arranged date (…) When I arrive Charina is alone. My friend isn’t here yet. By the time he came back, I had already fallen in love.»

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Love at first sight, the real thing! This is exactly what Valentin Kretz experienced when he met Charina. “ This is the first time in my life I’ve felt this way “, he confides, “ As obvious between us as in the films. The three of us had a wonderful 5 days. I even take a detour to Manila with them to gain one more week at his side, while I am supposed to return to France. »

This particular quality of Charina that makes Valentin fall for it

Valentin will subsequently do everything to be at Charina’s side with whom he has fallen madly in love and whom he will end up marrying. One quality in particular immediately appealed to her… “ Not only do I appreciate Charina’s determination and talent, but even more, I think I’m one of those men who like equality in the couple. Charina and I each have equal importance in our relationship. »

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Valentin Kretz has a weakness for independent women in general. “ This “entrepreneurial” side that takes risks appeals to me enormously in my sentimental stories. I love this financial independence in these women and how they rely only on themselves. »

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