“I assume my style of play more”: difficult start to the season and end in apotheosis, Caroline Garcia confides

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10:02 p.m., November 14, 2022

It’s a return to the top for Caroline Garcia. By winning the Masters at the end of the year in the United States, the Frenchwoman returned to fourth place in the world, a place she had already occupied in 2018. After many injuries and a certain loss of confidence, the Lyonnaise started the race with difficulty. 2022 season, with a first round at the Australian Open and a second round at Roland-Garros. “I had a lot of physical glitches in recent years, and there I managed to get back into shape, to have a correct level of pain and to take advantage of every moment”, confides the champion at the microphone of Jacques Vendroux.

An “assumed” aggressive game and a rearranged coaching

Caroline Garcia confirms that she now manages to play her game “very aggressively, to assume it more than before and to assume my mentality and my identity on the court. It allowed me to really find something effective and to have a greater letting go”. Evidenced by its rise this year, with an eighth final at Wimbledon followed by a victory at the Cincinnati Masters (where it came from qualifying) in August and a semi-final at the US Open.

Caroline Garcia won the Masters in the United States.
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The winner of the Masters at the end of the year – a first for a Frenchwoman since Amélie Mauresmo in 2005 – explains that she has also rearranged her team, with her coach Bertrand Perret who accompanied her all season – until the Masters – and her father who followed her “more from a distance”. “I think it was a good mix of everything, from the experience with my father who has followed me since I was little and the fresh energy of people who bring new things,” she says in the show. Europe 1 Sports.

“I’m not sure I’ve fully realized it yet”

Thanks to this mix, the Frenchwoman was able to ride a wave of confidence to finally win the biggest title of her career in Fort Worth, Texas. “This year, I learned a lot about myself, about my attitude, on the court. I grew in the sense that I assume my style of play more. This calm, upright, positive attitude allowed me to get me out of a lot of situations and complicated matches this year. I tried to have him for this Masters, and I think it brought me and allowed me to win”, adds the tennis player who underlines that She’s not sure she’s “fully achieved” that feat yet.

“The sequence was super fast, I found myself with the France team for the last match of the Billie Jean King Cup (the former Fed Cup, editor’s note) and since then, it’s been quite the rush. small, I realize the magnitude and the number of people who followed”, says the Lyonnaise, who already believed to have succeeded in her season by managing to qualify for the WTA Masters, a tournament which brings together the eight best players of the year.

Winning this end-of-season competition was “a dream and a goal”, says Caroline Garcia, who also provided France with the decisive point this weekend against the Netherlands. “We all know the goal of the Grand Slam, of the world number 1 position, but the Masters is for me the biggest title of my career and it is a title that represents a lot in tennis”, remarks the champion. “It’s really a great goal to fulfill over the season and I’m really very proud to have been able to get the title”, supports Caroline Garcia who, strong from this great victory and her fourth place acquired, can raise her ambitions. for the 2023 season.

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