I attended the blind auditions

In 2024, The Voice returns for a 13th season, with its well-established mechanics and some new features. Auféminin was present on the set of the “blind” or blind auditions and tells you about his first impressions.

This is The Voice! Here we go again for a 13th season of the star TF1 show, with always the same enthusiasm from the production team. During November, broadcastsblind auditions were recorded in the Saint-Denis studios. The 4 coaches of season 13 revealed their first looks and delivered their first buzz, Nikos Aliagas always puts on the show and Aufeminin managed to slip into the heart of the shoot. Behind the scenes, new features, first opinions… We tell you everything!

Mika is back on The Voice… and it feels good!

First novelty, not so new, for this new edition: the return of an emblematic coach, I named the brilliant Mika. The singer who has just released a tribute track to Jane Birkin excels in his role as juror of the show. In his chair (which he has already broken again, requiring the intervention of the technical team), he is all smiles at the idea of ​​discovering the new talents. Each of his speeches is meticulous, honest, sometimes sharp, but always fair. In his sparkling green suit, he puts on a show, and we like it.

Speaking of his fashion sense, the two terrible brothers, Big Flo and Oli, did not fail to comment on his look by renaming him “The Snake”. A running gag that doesn’t displease Mika, who has wit to spare.

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The Voice Comeback: Camille Lellouche, second chance for talents

While the filming of the auditions is in full swing, Camille Lellouche is heard from the set of The Voice comeback. Indeed, another big new feature of season 13: talents have the possibility of being drafted by Camille, a 5th coach who hosts a digital show on the TF1+ platform. (and which we will see appear from time to time during bonus broadcasts). With 6 talents saved in the blind auditions and 2 that she will save in the battles, she will in fact host a parallel competition to take with her to the semi-final the talent who will have won The Comeback.

“A dream”, for the singer and actress who hoped to return to The Voice, the show which revealed her. Full of energy and good humor, we hear her laughing (loudly) and having a blast while attending the first performances, installed backstage. If she can go and save a talent when he finds his family, she can also intervene on set. A real troublemaker that coaches must be wary of: in other countries where this feature has been implemented, “comeback” talents have won.

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The Voice, season 13: “the best promotion of talent”?

Now for our opinion on talent. According to the director of programs at ITV Studios France, Matthieu Grelier, this is “the best promotion of talent” in years. An enthusiasm which could be confirmed after hearing this young woman making the 4 coaches turn around, although Mika is “allergic to this song“.

For our part, no huge favorites among the candidates heard, except perhaps this young girl who gave chills to the whole assembly with a song in English, including the 4 coaches who fought for the title. to have on their team. But is it due to her youth or her self-confidence, she largely dragged out the moment of choosing her coach to end up launching a “Bring back your white Vianney sneakers“. At ease! However, among the hundred voices that the coaches auditioned, it’s a safe bet that the future Slimane, Louane, Jérémy Frérot or Kendji are hidden.

Editorial manager Aufeminin

Julie Caron has been the editorial manager of Aufeminin since November 2023. After spending 8 years within the Marie-Claire group, as head of the society, psycho, education and lifestyle print sections…

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