“I can not go on”: Annoyed Ronaldo rages on Instagram

“I can not let you go on”
Annoyed Ronaldo rages on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the sport’s greatest superstars, and the Portuguese is arguably the most popular footballer in the world. But he doesn’t appreciate the fuss about himself in at least one respect. Transfer rumors get on his nerves tremendously. He cheers them on himself.

Cristiano Ronaldo is unhappy with his current employer Juventus Turin, which the football superstar indicated more or less openly over and over again. At the latest since the completely disappointing knockout of the last sixteen in the Champions League in the spring, the relationship between the five-time world footballer and the dethroned Italian series champion has been predicted to end quickly and unattractively. No wonder that the name Ronaldo has been traded by almost every powerful big club in Europe for months, even a return to his home club Sporting Lisbon has been discussed at least in the media. But as much as the Portuguese may be alienated with their situation, they feel abused as an object of wild speculation. And that outraged the 34-year-old mighty.

Only in the afternoon there had been a water level report from a prominent place on the almost always virulent rumor that Ronald would play for Real Madrid in the future. He had celebrated his greatest successes with the club and won the Champions League five times. Various, mainly Spanish, specialist media had repeatedly reported mutual interest and great affection. The new Real coach Carlo Ancelotti has denied those reports. Unmistakable. “I never considered signing him. We’re looking ahead,” wrote the Italian coach on Twitter.

“Talk less, more action”

In a long Instagram post, Ronaldo commented on his situation just a few hours after Ancelotti’s statement and probably regardless of it – and revealed his anger. Under a picture with which the superstar staged in high gloss seems to demand the great silence about his future, he writes:

“Everyone who knows me knows how I am focused on my daily work. Less talking and more action, that has been my motto since the beginning of my career. In view of what was said and written last, I have to But make something clear. More than disrespect to me as a person and player is the dubious way the media reports about my future. This is above all disrespectful to all the clubs that are drawn into these rumors, as well as to theirs Players and staff.

My story at Real Madrid is written. She is captured. In words and numbers, in trophies and titles, in records and headlines. It can be found in the museum of the Bernabeu Stadium and is anchored in the minds of every fan of this club. And beyond what I have achieved, I remember having had a relationship of deep affection and respect for the Real fans over those nine years that I have kept to this day and that I will always cherish.

Aside from this most recent episode (the rumors of a Real Madrid return), there have often been news and stories connecting me to a number of other clubs in many different leagues – though no one has ever looked at it in all that time to actually find out the truth. That’s why I’m now breaking my silence to say that I can no longer allow people to play with my name. I stay focused on my career, show myself committed and am ready for all challenges that I still have to face in the future. Everything else? Anything else is just talk! “A future at Manchester City? Real Madrid? Sporting Lisbon? Or – quite spectacularly – from next summer on the side of the eternal congenial adversary Lionel Messi as part of the Paris soccer supergroup? Ronaldo wants none of this hear more.

A booming silence

But as clearly as he forbade speculation about his future, the silence about his situation in Italy is also booming between the lines: At Juventus Turin the Torgarant still has a contract until 2022, in the last two seasons he scored a total of 60 league goals. Ronaldo does not make a commitment that he will continue to hunt goals for the old lady in the future. So the world star only continues to fuel the rumor mill by omission. “Cristiano considers his stage in Turin to be over,” wrote the specialist newspaper “AS” on Tuesday morning, and colleagues from the Italian sports paper “Corriere dello Sport” reported persistently that Ronaldo had long since initiated withdrawal movements. As fiery as his plea against demotion to an object of speculation is, it is unlikely that it will end the fuss about one of the most popular athletes on the planet. Rather the opposite.