“I couldn’t get out of it”: Shanna Kress talks about the depression she went through

For several months, Shanna Kress has found love in the arms of another reality TV candidate, Jonathan Matijas. However, the latter has not always swam in happiness. In a video interview with VDBuzz, this Tuesday, January 11, the young woman confided in a dark period of her life.

For many years, Shanna Kress had lived a romance with the handsome Thibault Garcia. Except that here … To everyone’s surprise, the two lovebirds had decided to take separate paths. The latter had, therefore, rebuilt their lives on their own. In November 2020, the former reality TV contestant made a highly regarded appearance with a star of the show. The villa of broken hearts. On social networks, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas had formalized their romantic relationship. And since then, tender pictures of the two personalities flooded their respective Instagram accounts.

But as Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas swam in happiness for all to see, the two lovers had chosen to distance themselves from their virtual community, last August. After a few days of absence, the two influencers spoke on their social networks to explain themselves. I disappeared, it was necessary. We sometimes forget to breathe. We forget ourselves sometimes. In swipe-up, I explain the reason for my silence. Thanks to everyone who wrote to me and sorry to those who worried “, said the young woman. For his part, his companion had added: “Despite the times we are all living in, despite our daily pressures or our fears for the future ignited by memories of the past, the only moment that matters: it’s THE PRESENT!“.

Not every day easy

And on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Shanna Kress once again broke the silence. But this time, in an interview with VDBuzz, on Youtube. According to her words, the artist does not always have the magical daily life she has been living for a few months. Despite the notoriety and the joy of having come to this, it was victim of several difficult periods, as well as a suicide attempt.

But her meeting with Jonathan Matijas helped her get better. “He saved me from a lot of things. […] I was really struggling to find my way, either in life or in music. And it’s a bit like the person who got me out of all this, who removed this big black cloud that was above my head. I couldn’t get out of it. And he’s kinda my savior. It is the one who allowed that today, I do not have any more all these bad things around me which pollute my mind, because I lived difficult things and that I could not manage to move on. thing”, she revealed. Since, “there is no more depression” and Shanna Kress is “much more positive”. This is also the strength of love.

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