“I couldn’t leave my house for 2 years”: Hoshi opens up about the terrible consequences of his kiss at the Victoires de la musique: Current Woman Le MAG

A simple kiss changed his life… Friday, February 14, 2020, Hoshi performed his title love censorship during the Victoires de la Musique. At the end of her performance, the singer exchanged a kiss with one of her dancers. If this gesture may seem innocuous, since then the 26-year-old young woman has lived through hell. Victim of harassment online, it could also have put an end to his career. “I almost quit… It was mostly the fallout from that kiss that was horrific. I have no other word than ‘awful’ because I couldn’t leave my house for a very long time, for two years. I’ve moved twice, I’ve filed a complaint many times…Even recently!”she confided on the set of It’s up to youon France 5Monday, September 4, 2023. If one of his harassers was sentenced last June to eight months in prison, six of which were suspended, Hoshi estimated: “It’s not so much the conviction of this person… It’s more that there have been thousands of death threats and in fact the message sent is that there was only one person who was there at the trial. Me it wasted four years of my life what!

Hoshi: “It also gave others the desire to continue or start again”

On the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the artist who can still count on her fans, added: “The fact that only one was convicted, I think it also gave the others the desire to continue or start over, hence my new complaint!” Sunday September 3, 2023, at the microphone of France Interthe companion of Gia Martinelli had already assured that a person wanted to find her and kill her. “I have his face, I have his address, I actually found it myself. I did the investigation myself that time. This person has been threatening to kill me for four months now. It’s still homophobic, but it’s even ‘all-phobic’ in fact. The list of messages he sends me is long and justice awaits. It’s way too long”, she regretted. Thursday August 31, 2023, in the columns of The Obsshe also remembered: “Armed guys had found my address and were threatening to murder me. They weren’t just threatening to come after me, by the way, my whole family was targeted.

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