“I did not expect to discover such devastation”


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For many years, singer Lio has regularly addressed the issue of domestic violence. She recently reflected on what she herself went through.

“I’ve been in denial.” Almost twenty years ago, Lio spoke on the domestic violence of which she had been the victim. Since then, she has been involved in the fight against violence against women. On September 22, she returned to her journey to get out of this violence at the microphone of Pauline Maria for her podcast Turn.

After being in denial of the violence of the father of her twins Garance and Léa, the singer Alexis Zad, she ended up filing a complaint. A liberating step, but which initiated a traumatic journey. “I did not expect to discover such devastation”, she explains. She also confided the way in which she had “felt what all women feel”. Whether it’s when she files a complaint or when she has to introduce her children to their father “alcoholic, drugged and violent”the singer assures that she has no “never been supported by the company”. A journey and a trauma that many women have experienced and about which Lio received many testimonials. “They are not heard at all, it is a double, it is a triple, it is a quadruple sentence, it is a constant fear”she said.

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Lio’s fight against domestic violence

When in 2003 she was invited on the set of the show Everybody talks about ithosted by Thierry Ardisson, Lio spoke about how her ex-companion locked her up in a cycle of violence and manipulation. “You go from blows to pardons hoping that you will find the pretty words of the beginning, she relates. You are alienated like in a cult.” Far from her entourage and isolated in a climate of physical and psychological violence, she was finally helped by her sister Helena Noguerra who had approached the association SOS Battered Women. “My sister never gave up, explains the singer. And one day I left and filed a complaint.”

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