“I didn’t want to hurt people”: Gims apologizes after his controversial video

This January 23 in the Sunday newspaper, Gims returns to the controversy over the video where he asks his fans to stop wishing him a happy new year. Faced with this bad buzz, the rapper apologized.

Gims is starting the year with a (big) bad buzz. At the beginning of January, the rapper posted a video on his social networks in which he asks his audience to stop wishing him a happy new year because he is a Muslim. “Muslims, stop that, wishing me a happy new year. Brothers, we don’t celebrate that, it’s not part of our convictions. Come on, let’s focus on our own stuff”, his remarks caused an uproar on the Internet. In an interview with the Sunday newspaper this January 23, the artist returns for the first time to this controversy.

“This video, I totally regret it. It was a UFO, I don’t usually communicate like that” said Gims to our colleagues. According to his words, he “didn’t want to hurt people.” Then Dadju’s brother mentioned the religion behind this scandal: “faith is intimate. Social networks should not be a springboard to talk about that.” Despite the magnitude of this video, “It in no way changes my relationship with my audience, animist, Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim…” And to insist on his regret, Gims reiterates his apologies and explains that “This video was made with spontaneity, late at night. JI’m really sorry.”

Gims’ apologies

Before converting to Islam in 2004, Gims grew up in a Catholic culture. “My mother is still a Christian, like my father, my brothers…” even specifies the interpreter of Known like never before to our colleagues. But that didn’t stop the singer from ranting about the messages from “good year” that he receives. Many fans as well as artists did not understand this annoyance of the artist about New Year’s greetings. Some reacted strongly like Lââm: “I wish a happy new year to Gims in a nursing home.” DemDem’s husband assures her, that night “I was tired, I had just watched a lot of snaps for New Years. I was being dumb.” The error is human.

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