“I don’t give a damn in the final”: Kroos still complains about the interview

“I don’t give a fuck in the final”
Kroos still complains about the interview

He makes it clear live that Toni Kroos doesn’t believe in the questions from ZDF journalist Nils Kaben. Even a few days later, the soccer professional’s anger from Champions League winner Real Madrid has not subsided. The 32-year-old explains what he would have expected.

Toni Kroos sees nothing wrong in breaking off his interview with ZDF reporter Nils Kaben after winning the Champions League. “I was just upset at that moment, I was more upset with himself too. But right off the bat like, ‘Yeah, I want to hear you guys deservedly won.’ I don’t give a shit in the final, you have to win the final,” said Real Madrid’s midfield strategist in the new episode of the joint podcast “Einfach mal Luppen” with his brother Felix.

Kroos abruptly ended the interview on Saturday evening after the 1-0 win against Liverpool. “You had 90 minutes to think of sensible questions and then you ask me two shitty questions,” replied the 2014 world champion shortly after the game. The 32-year-old was asked whether it was surprising that Real had come under so much pressure in the final at the Stade de France in Paris.

Kroos would have loved that question

“Of course we had to get through two or three pressure phases, but I said that’s normal, what do you expect. That we dominate Liverpool for 90 minutes? This is a world-class team, you just have to beat them, we did that.” said Kroos.

Kaben could also have asked in the interview, “How did you see the game itself? I wouldn’t have said we played it against the wall. I’m the first to say it’s balanced, maybe even a few more chances Liverpool. But we just won it, like the last knockout rounds. He would have gotten his answer there,” said Kroos.

Kaben admitted that he could have worded a question “clearly” better. “Kroos could have used the question as a template to point out that Real had always saved themselves in difficult situations throughout the competition,” Kaben told the “Spiegel” on Monday. After consultation with colleagues, it was “very clear that you shouldn’t behave like that as a player”. Turning a factual question about the course of the game into something personal is not an option.

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