“I don’t like being told that I’m brave”: Patrice Evra confides in the sexual assaults he suffered at 13 (VIDEO)

Guest in C to you this Tuesday, January 11, Patrice Evra confided in the sexual abuse that one of his teachers subjected him to when he was a teenager.

It took a long time for him to come out of the silence. In his autobiography I love this game, published last October 28, Patrice Evra reveals to have been sexually abused by a professor where he was going to sleep, when he was 13 years old. A trauma of which he delivers chilling details. “The head teacher, believing that I was asleep, put his hands under my bedspread and tried to touch me. I knew what he was doing was wrong and tried to push him away and hit him. I was strong but I was scared too even though I couldn’t show him that I was scared of him. It lasted 10 or 15 minutes, like a fight. He was not joking and did everything to take my pants off. No words were spoken in the dark but he was touching himself and was sexually aroused“, writes the former captain of the French football team.

Patrice Evra sexually abused as a teenager

Guest on the set of C to you this Tuesday, January 11, Patrice Evra returned, for the first time on television, to the sexual abuse he suffered as a teenager. The footballer, now 40 years old, notably remembered the day he revealed the horror he suffered to his companion Margaux. “The woman of my life used to say to me: ‘Patrice, you’re a super cool guy but when you get angry, there is something deeper’ “, says the star of the football, who confided in the one who shares his life while they were watching a program devoted to the subject of pedophilia. “She asked me : ‘Patrice, what’s wrong?’ (…) And I cracked. I told her the story, I broke down in tears. “

I don’t even remember the name of this gentleman

27 years later, the athlete ensures that he does not experience “no hate“towards his attacker. “I don’t even remember the name of this gentleman, I don’t even know what he looks like“Says the former Manchester United player, before explaining why he did not want to denounce his teacher at the time of the facts:”My mother asked me right away if he was still alive because we had to file a complaint and I said to him: ‘No Mom it’s over’. Maybe if I had told my mother, brothers or friends, maybe they would have tried to kill this gentleman. And I said: ‘Mom, maybe you would have been in jail and I wouldn’t have had the same education.’ “And concluded:”I must not say that I am courageous. I don’t like to be told that I’m brave to have spoken. It’s not a question of courage, it’s to be ready and to be ready to trust someone again. “

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