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You are not taught anything: a hair change – as long as it is done correctly – can really change a face. For every woman, her ideal cut. For you who don't like your forehead, know that there are certain ways of styling your hair that could elegantly hide that part of your face that is disturbing to you. Discover different ideas of hairstyles and cuts that will help you free yourself from your complexes. Get inspired before you take the plunge!

Being complexed by your forehead
The forehead is a complex like any other, one can not like it for various and varied reasons. Whether you find it too big, too small, too wide, too wrinkled, too bulging, or you feel that the imperfections in it tend to multiply there, there is no harm not to like his forehead (not to mention that this is a relatively easy area to hide). The cuts and hairstyles listed below are not only trendy and stylish, but they also have the particularity of flattering women who are complexed by their forehead. Which of them will make you fall for it?

On the hairstyle side
If you do not feel ready to cut your hair, know that there are different options available to you:

You can first try – while keeping your usual cut – not to draw your part straight, but on the side. Nothing could be simpler: start by disentangling your hair well before drawing your new parting using a comb designed for this purpose. Do not hesitate to repeat it several times if necessary, always adapting to the thickness of your hair, until the result suits you. Once you have achieved the ideal side parting, all you have to do is brush your hair to create a sort of wick that will sweep over a more or less important part of your forehead. And why not even secure it all with an accessory? It's very trendy this year!
This is a very simple technique to adopt that will give you a little idea of ​​what your complex would look like if it were a little better hidden, without having to go through the hairdresser's box.

Thanks to their volume, curls tend to look away from that complicated forehead, drawing all the attention. You can achieve them using a straightening iron, curling iron, or a styling technique with a round brush and a hairdryer, it's up to you to decide how you want it. Will you prefer tight curls or more fuzzy? Do according to your wishes or your know-how, but keep in mind that the wavy hair is still super trendy right now.
Know that you don't have to curl all of your hair. Moreover, it is not even recommended if you find your forehead too long. In this case, simply working the strands framing your face will be enough to blur its appearance so that you focus less on it.

Another tip: in order to look even further away from your forehead, do not hesitate to emphasize color with multiple reflections or even strong eye makeup. All methods are good to take!

On the side of cuts

If you don't have a problem with putting your hair back in the hands of a hairdresser, then take note of the following:

Great hairstyle classics, bangs and locks are often the first options that women with complexions about their forehead consider. It must be said that these are very good alternatives. Hiding it partially or completely, they adapt to all cuts.
If you have a long face, then, you should opt for long and full bangs, which will perfectly conceal your forehead.
If your face is round, in this case, forget the straight bangs, which will not put you in value at all and prefer curtain bangs or a strand. Even if your face is short: the layered lock is made for you. Is your face square? You need curtain bangs.

You will understand: when it comes to choosing the shape of the fringe or the wick that will cover your forehead, of course, tastes must be taken into account, but also the morphology! It is only if your face is oval that such a decision can be taken lightly, it's simple: everything is fine with you!

  • Cutting pixie or in the bowl

If you're not afraid to radically change your look and go short, then know that in addition to being particularly trendy lately, the pixie cut and the bowl cut is also perfect for concealing the forehead.
Indeed, when with its large asymmetrical wick, the cut pixie will ideally sweep across the front of your face. The bowl cut will completely hide your forehead.
If you have a round or angular face, know that the short is not necessarily forbidden to you, despite what many of us tend to think. You will simply have to choose a cut full of movements and volume, in order to rebalance the proportions of your face. In any case, when it comes to such a drastic hair change, the best thing to do is to rely on the advice of a hairstylist.

What to avoid

While there are cuts and hairstyles to go for when you have a complexion about your forehead, know that there are others to avoid.

  • If you have many blemishes on your forehead:

Whether you choose to hide your forehead with bangs or a strand, prefer it light if there is a problem with imperfections in this area. While it would hide them perfectly, too thick a strand or bang could make matters worse. Indeed, who says bangs, says more sweating on the forehead, which promotes the proliferation of bacteria, and therefore the formation of imperfections.

  • If you consider that your forehead is too large:

Who says big forehead, often says long face. If this is your case, you should definitely avoid adding too much volume to the top of your head – whatever hairstyle or cut you go for – or you can accentuate that feeling of length even more.

Put a mark on hairstyles that are pulled too far back: you don't do better than a ponytail and a bun that are pulled back in to draw attention to the forehead. Also forget about the short bangs, because if you thought that hiding part of your forehead would draw less attention to it, it's actually quite the opposite.

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With all of these tips, you can now say goodbye to your resort that will soon be a distant memory!

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