“I expected a mea-culpa from him”, Cindy (Koh-Lanta) hurt by Karima’s behavior


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Eliminated during the third bonus of “Koh-Lanta”, Cindy gave several interviews in which she returned to her career and her elimination. And she didn’t hesitate to criticize Karima.

And their sentence is irrevocable. This Tuesday, September 14, TF1 broadcast the third episode of “Koh-Lanta: the legend”, an episode marked by the departure of two adventurers: Patrick and Cindy. The latter has responded to several interviews and the least we can say is that she is still mad at Karima.

Too strategist for the other participants, Cindy says she is disappointed by her elimination. “No one can blame me except that I get along with everyone”, she explains in an interview for 20 minutes. Reproaches that affected her because the mother-to-be assures her, it was never a question of strategy for her. “I was not playing a game, I was not in the strategies and to hear the people who eliminated me, I was shady, deceitful… It hurt me”, she confides at LCI.

“Karima is a very bad loser”

Asked about her journey and her relationships with other adventurers, Cindy did not mince words when talking about Karima, who for her is a person “Bloodthirsty and resentful”. Sent to the island of the banished, Cindy found Ugo and Karima there. And the latter gave him a rather cold welcome. “I arrive happy on the island, delighted to have this revenge to take. And I discover Karima hyper closed, I tell myself that she still has not digested the advice. Immediately, she throws me: “karma!”. I naively thought she was going to do her mea culpa. But no not at all. I found it bad that she reacts like that ”, says the young woman. She says it again, her competitor is full of contradictions. “In the players there are the good players and the bad losers. And she is a very bad loser. ”. We doubt that the hatchet will soon be buried between the two candidates.

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