“I expected such reactions”


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In an interview with Le Parisien newspaper, Louane returned to grossophobic attacks of which she was the victim on social networks.

Since giving birth to her daughter, Esmée, Louane has been the target of grossophobic comments on a regular basis. On the occasion of the reissue of his latest album entitled Joy of Living, she confided in the newspaper Le Parisien this Wednesday, November 17. During this interview, the young singer returned to these remarks of which she is often a victim on social networks. “I expected such reactions because, for years, people have been commenting all my life. From the moment you’re in the light, you’re gonna take it in the face, that’s how it is“, she begins by declaring.

Far from being taken aback by such remarks, the interpreter of “Give me your heart” prefers to see the positive side of his life. “It’s up to you if you manage it, but for me, considering all the bonuses in my life, it’s still worth it. The saddest thing is those who waste time commenting on someone else’s body on social media. Because me, my life is going very well.

“I don’t have the same body as three years ago”

In March 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Louane gave birth to her daughter Esmée, the fruit of her love with musician Florian Rossi. In October 2020, she unveiled her new album Joy of Living. A year full of twists and turns for the young woman revealed in the tele-hook The Voice. Today, the artist is happier than ever as she confides: “On the professional side, I realized my childhood dream of becoming a singer, others that I did not even imagine like making films. I am surrounded by an ultra-caring team, I have a great family. So yes, I don’t have the same body as I did three years ago but strangely I feel much better today.

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