“I found it a bit inflated”: why Lorie refused the reunion with her ex Billy Crawford in DALS

Big winner of Dancing with the stars, Billy Crawford could have found Lorie. But the singer did not accept TF1’s proposal to join her ex-companion on television.

For the twelfth season of Dancing with the Stars, TF1 wanted to strike a blow. On the set of the show, the channel dreamed of bringing together Billy Crawford and his former companion, Lorie. But the singer did not want to accept the proposal, as she confided in a video posted on her YouTube account this Friday, November 11. “It was quite funny because you were tweeting and messaging me a lot. At one point there was a test where the dancers, they had to dance with masked people, in any case we couldn’t see not who it was and everyone thought it was me dancing with Billy”, Nina’s mom joked. And to have fun with this somewhat funny situation: “Well, it wasn’t me, no!”

In the sequel to her video, Lorie revealed that “the production” him “asked to come dance”. “That was the little anecdote here! But hey, I found it a little inflated anyway because hey that’s what…”, she added. The singer and actress will therefore not have attended the coronation of Billy Crawford, winner of the twelfth season of Dancing with the stars with Fauve Hautot. Something to sadden viewers, many of whom still remember the couple that the two formed in the early 2000s. “With Billy, we met on sets. Both of us sang and every weekend we met. Then we ended up falling in love”, Lorie remembered next to PureCharts in 2021. For two years, the two were inseparable.

Lorie and Billy Crawford: “At first it was strong and in the end it didn’t work anymore”

The distance will have finally got the better of this media idyll. Lorie Pester and Billy Crawford have finally put an end to their love affair. “I was very young, she was very young, that’s how it is”, analyzed the singer in the columns of Gala last March. Billy Crawford, however, assured that neither he nor she had any regrets about their past relationship. “We moved on and we now live in different universes”, he confided. A few days ago, on the set of TV Magazine, he added: “It would have been impossible for me. We stayed together for four years. At the beginning, it was strong and in the end, it just didn’t work anymore, that’s all. It’s thanks to her and her family that I speak French. I thank her”.

Since their separation, the two have rebuilt their lives on their own. Married to a model and TV host, Billy Crawford is indeed the father of a 22-month-old little Amari. After the victory of her husband, Coleen Garcia has also published a tender message. “You are an AMAZING person, and I am so blessed that our son can look up to you and have you as a dad. You amaze me every time. I love you, and I am SO HAPPY for you! You deserve all of this and more.” she wrote on Instagram. As for Lorie, she has been in a relationship for several years. After a long battle with endometriosis, the singer and actress gave birth to little Nina who fills her life with love and joy.

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