“I had to survive”: Juliette Binoche talks about her difficult beginnings as an actress (VIDEO)

This Wednesday, January 12, Juliette Binoche was the guest ofAs an aside on Canal + to present his latest film, entitled Ouistreham. During the show, the French actress looked back on her difficult comedy debut.

For several days, Juliette Binoche roams the television sets to present his latest film, titled Ouistreham and directed by Emmanuel Carrère. In this feature film which has just been released in theaters, the actress plays the role of a writer, infiltrated into a group of housekeepers in Caen, in order to understand what the precariousness of this profession looks like. A composition role for the actress who does not hesitate to immerse herself completely in her character to be as close as possible to reality. In 1991, shortly before turning The Lovers on the Bridge, she lived for several days in the street for the needs of the role. A difficult and trying period as she explained recently in C to you, bursting into tears on the set. “When we are in the bottom of the hole, we do not see the solutions. It’s a vicious circle: no housing, no work … It’s a spinning wheel that becomes nightmarish “, she had explained in particular.

Difficult career beginnings

But the passion for comedy, Juliette Binoche lives it 100%. It must be said that his beginnings in the profession were not easy. This Wednesday, January 12, she was the guest ofAs an aside on Canal +. During the show, Nathalie Levy offered to watch archival footage. The opportunity for her to talk about her difficult beginnings. After reviewing footage of herself responding to one of her first interviews in the 1980s, the 57-year-old actress blurted out: “I did not yet know what I wanted to do. I had almost no money, I was working as a cashier in Paris”.

“I had to survive”

Then she added:I did not have money. I worked at BHV as a cashier (…) My mother paid me for my acting lessons the first year, but that’s it. I had to survive. I had an Italian lover with whom I lived and who was super generous with me. I remember that more than what I said … Casting was difficult because you had to be real and at the same time survive to have a role.

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