“I love the media”: Marlène Schiappa confides in her professional retraining

Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri
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11:11 a.m., June 22, 2022

The former Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship Marlène Schiappa confided Tuesday morning on the set of Pascal Praud as to her possible retraining in the media. According to the current regional councilor for Île-de-France, she would be spoiled for choice among several proposals.

First Secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men and the fight against discrimination, then Deputy Minister in charge of Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa is no longer in government. And although she has been a regional councilor for Île-de-France since July 2021, the politician seems to want to undertake a professional retraining. Whereas Le Figaro announced in May that she could join C8 at the start of the school year, Marlène Schiappa takes stock on Tuesday on the set of Pascal Praud, on CNews.

“I love the media, it’s no secret,” recalled the former minister, before making revelations. “I had three proposals, I’m discussing them. I can’t tell you more for the moment, I have to choose among these proposals. Maybe I’ll have others which are also going to happen. So I’m thinking.”

“There is no television program planned on C8”

Pascal Praud, not stingy with compliments on the media presence of the former minister, then questioned Marlène Schiappa on her possible projects with the host Cyril Hanouna. “I discuss a lot with Cyril Hanouna. There is no television program planned on C8, contrary to what I read in the press”, she specifies. “But we are discussing. I have plans and so I ask his opinion.”

Le Figaro had revealed the existence of negotiations between C8 and Marlène Schiappa, who would have made several program proposals, in particular to Cyril Hanouna. Information that the former minister had denied immediately after the publication of the article. Le Figaro had, meanwhile, maintained this information.

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