“I messed up a lot of takes!” : Jennifer Aniston, Mélanie Laurent and Adam Sandler tell the secrets of Murder Mystery 2

Before the release of Murder Mystery 2 on March 31 on Netflix, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Dany Boon and Mélanie Laurent reveal the secrets of the film to us in front of Jonathan Lambert, in the Netflix Club. Focus.

When we love we do not count! That, Netflix understood it well by offering us a 2nd opus of Murder Mystery. To be seen from March 31, this new feature film by Jeremy Garelick once again shines the spotlight on our favorite detective couple: the Spitz.

Always portrayed to perfection by Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, the two amateur investigators find themselves this time at the heart of an international level kidnapping of a person that the public of the first opus knows very well…


While waiting to discover these new adventures which will take Nick and Audrey to the heart of Paris alongside Dany Boon who is back in the costume of Inspector de la Croix, without forgetting the arrival of Mélanie Laurent, the cast is passed through the Netflix Club bubble for our greatest happiness.

Presented by Jonathan Lambert and counting on the presence of Morgane Cadignan and Clara Runaway, the program filmed at the foot of the Iron Lady invites us to discover the little secrets of filming this 2nd part. Mélanie Laurent, for example, reveals the eventful backstage of her Bollywood dance: “I messed up a lot of takes!”. For their part, the producer Raphaël Benoliel and the artistic director and production designer Thierry Zemmour reveal to us the underside of the stunts of the film.

Cherry on the cake, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler also made the trip… with a surprise made in France to boot! A deadly program to say the least and to be found now in the Netflix Club, before the release of Murder Mystery 2, March 31 on Netflix.

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