“I met my first love at 50, this is how it changed my life” says Karen, a happy fifty-year-old

If you no longer believe in love, know that Cupid has not forgotten you, whatever your age. The story of Karen, who fell in love for the first time at age 50, proves that love can knock on your door at any time and turn your life upside down in a good way.

“She runs, she runs, love sickness, In the hearts of children from 7 to 77 years old. She sings, she sings, the insolent river Which unites in its bed Blond hair, gray hair… “As the song by Michel Sardou that you recognized so well says, love has no age. And Cupid can decide to send you his little dart without taking into account your situation. Whether you are single, in couple, or in the middle of a separation, and even if you have definitely given up on love, you can finally fall in love suddenly, without warning. And that’s precisely what makes the magic of love: you never expect it. The very expression “falling in love” is proof of this: we do not choose to fall, it is necessarily involuntary and uncontrollable.

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If men of a certain age often get back into relationships without really asking themselves any questions, women, who have passed the age of fifty, sometimes wrongly believe they are “out of the game” and think that it is no longer for they. And, yet, with the increase in life expectancy, and increasingly effective medicine, including aesthetic medicine, senior women are often in excellent shape and very attractive after the age of 50 and beyond. It is enough to observe the people planet to have confirmation of this. Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore… They are all over 50 and they are still just as hot, sometimes seducing men much younger than them who are madly in love with them.

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The uplifting story of 50-year-old Karen Lunde

In an article published on the site yourtangoKaren Lunde shares how she truly fell in love for the first time at age 50, realizing that love wasn’t at all what she thought… “Everyone says you’ll know ‘real love’ when you feel it. Everyone lies. I’m convinced that many people walk the Earth with no idea what love feels like. They confuse it with things that have nothing to do with attraction, lust, or the need to save or be saved by one’s partner. But love, true love, is none of that. I know this because I met my first love the year I turned 50.” confides the fifty-year-old.

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Karen says in her article that she has just separated from her husband after 23 years of marriage. She explains that she chose to get out of her comfort zone by settling far away from Wisconsin where she lives, in a small American town near the Pacific Ocean. Passionate about singing, she joined her town’s choir and it was there that she met John, with whom she immediately fell madly in love. It seems obvious: I never really appreciate the energy that a person can give off and that we feel instantly. Yet as soon as I saw John, I felt his energy. He was happy because he exuded contentment. He hummed as he passed, completely at ease (…) miraculously, fully present in the world.”

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The foundations of true love

Karen is now in perfect love with John, even if it took her a year to really know him and become a couple with him. This relationship completely changed his conception of love the year he turned 50. I thought I was in love with my ex-husband. It took me over 20 years to realize that I was just obsessed with getting married. I was made to believe that a woman’s value was based on being in a relationship. So I needed a partner, even though our relationship wasn’t working.”

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It wasn’t love; it was an obsession. It was a codependent relationship. When I accepted that my husband was who he was and that nothing I could do would change him, I realized that our relationship was no longer possible and I moved to the northwest of Peaceful she adds. Love is not about pursuing an ideal. Love is above all a feeling of security and mutual respect (…). Love is when someone accepts you for who you are. It is the fruit of the fulfillment that your relationship creates” concludes Karen.

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