“I only have you left”: very moved, Franck Dubosc makes a nice statement to Michel Drucker: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

In the new episode of Roll on Sunday, Sunday December 3, 2023, Franck Dubosc spoke about Clément Michel’s very latest film entitled Merry Christmas. The actor plays a father who absolutely does not want to spend the Christmas party accompanied only by his other half, played by Emmanuelle Devos. To escape, he decides to invite two residents of a retirement home. These two residents brought back memories to Michel Drucker, the presenter of the program programmed on France 3 every Sunday. “I think of your mother Janine, I often spoke to her on the phone”he explained to Franck Dubosc. “I was very close to your mother. I called her without you knowing”confided the presenter to his guest. “But I know !”replied Patrick’s interpreter in Campingwho revealed that her kindergartener explained every conversation to her in great detail. “Guess who called me? Michel Drucker!”he declared, imitating the famous Janine, his father, revealing that the host’s call made “Sunday afternoon” from his mother.

Franck Dubosc: “I only have him left as an old man”

Memories that brought back many moments to the actor. “I’ll tell you Michel, from my childhood, I only have you”recognized Franck Dubosc. “Of my Sunday afternoons, of my Saturday evenings… I was thinking about it the other day. You called me on my birthday. As I hung up, I said to myselfknow: ‘I only have him left as an old man‘”, revealed the comedian to his host, recalling that those close to him “are all gone”. In fact, both of the actor’s parents are deceased. In 2002, Franck Dubosc’s father, Lucien, then suffering from Charcot’s disease, resorted to euthanasia to end his suffering. A great sorrow for his son, who spoke about his experience playing his own role in the TV movie titled The last part. Janine, his mother, died in 2021 from an incurable illness, while the actor was on the set of the film which refers to the death of his father. “She was sick during filming, and she left just as it was finishing. I have no idea what she thought of the film, she didn’t tell me anything.”regretted the actor during his interview for Evening Mag published Wednesday September 28, 2022.

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