“I overplayed stupidity, but I wasn’t Einstein either”

Blood red from floor to ceiling: ambiance Carrie at the devil’s ball. Padded walls. A huge chandelier signed Starck: “If it falls on you, you’re done.” “ We are at the Royal Monceau, in Paris, and Nabilla Vergara, in a Christ position, poses. Like always. In the smoking room of the palace – “Smoking is old-fashioned”, she said, pushing back the ashtray – the greatest French influencer religiously obeys the photographer’s requests under the protective eye of her two makeup artists and the stylist. His head of security is not far away.

“There is Messi who went to the hotel, he almost got robbed, but they got the wrong room, it’s really dead-end”, informs me the young woman of 29 years while settling down at the table. Our national Kim Kardashian has experienced these kinds of setbacks a lot of times. One of the reasons she moved to Dubai. During her wedding with great pomp at the Château de Chantilly this summer, her suite was robbed; apotheosis of the final episode of “Nabilla without a filter”, the documentary series dedicated to him from November 26 on Amazon Prime. Gone, the gifts of his hundred guests. At least she still had her wedding dress created by Jean Paul Gaultier. She did not file a complaint. The guy has been found, a repeat offender, twenty-five thefts to his credit. No problem, insurance will pay. But that evening, her 2-year-old son Milann was sleeping with his nanny in the adjoining room. The flip of the century.

In Dubai, zero burglary and no security problem. “They put you in jail in the desert and no one comes looking for you. Over there, it’s not kidding. “ Except in nightclubs where everything is allowed – alcohol and miniskirts – unlike in public spaces. Tourists should not be scared away. ” The low “, after two years in London, Nabilla Vergara and her family, like other influencers, have found their way: anonymity, only two hours of delay to manage business in France and 5% tax rate. “An influencer is a target. We know where you are, what you do, what you have. We have to protect our family. Why don’t we do it? “

Millionaire row

In its offices in London and Dubai, the family business (her husband Thomas Vergara and her mother are her partners) is running at full speed to manage the cosmetics box, consulting and partnerships with brands for product placements. How much does it earn? She eludes…, it depends on the periods. Profits can reach 200,000 euros per month. In short, Nabilla is a millionaire. And smoothed his image. Chic, respectable. Thirty row.

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