“I played with fire”: Florent Pagny returns with lucidity to the cessation of his treatments for his cancer

Florent Pagny has finished playing with fire. Lucide, the interpreter of My freedom to think explains the end of his treatments against his cancer. Decryption.

On January 25, 2022, Florent Pagny caused an earthquake on Instagram by revealing to suffer from an lung cancer “which cannot operate”. The singer had to suspend his tour plan throughout France to celebrate his 60th birthday and withdraw from the screens. “When the information falls, I am stunned. I take a slap that fucks me in the air before I tackle the ground, my throat so tight that I have trouble breathing, the earth collapses”he says in his autobiography, Pagny by Florent, published on April 5 by Fayard. This lung tumor “big as a kiwi” relentlessly exhausts and haunts him. So much so that he will start therapy to overcome it.

I am in a fitness phase. But well, if all goes well, next year we will finally meet together to sing and seek individual donations that allow the development of research”promised Florent Pagny on the Taratata plateau. Healed at the start of the yearAzucena’s husband had gone back to sa small village in Patagoniafar from state-of-the-art medical infrastructure.I played with fire a little bit, but I won’t play with fire again“, he reports in the program One hour with on RFM. Words revealed exclusively by our colleagues from Gala which specify that “the interpreter of My freedom of thought said don’t regret your choicesfor the simple and good reason thathe could have continued the treatment and still had a relapse. Florent Pagny will stop on such a good road. And to conclude: “It’s not that simple, but hey, we’ll get there.”

Florent Pagny: “Chemo is behind me”

This Thursday, May 25, Florent Pagny was the guest of Télématin. The opportunity to give some news (“At the moment, it’s nice. It was heavy, but it became more fun”) but also to return with the same lucidity as on the radio on the cessation of his treatments against his cancer: “This immunotherapy progresses so much that we should not deprive ourselves of it. It is true that for five months I abandoned her, but hey, it’s over. Now I’m getting back on my feet. Chemo is behind me so as soon as the chemicals go away everything becomes more fun and in the end I’m like ‘okay that’s good’then I’m going to start singing again.” Good news: the singer plans to “go back to the studio [pour] to work“. No one will ever take her freedom to sing!

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