"I refuse to let my children touch what's on my plate, here's why"

Should a mother sacrifice everything she has for her children? This mom explains that a mother can indeed sacrifice things, but only if she feels like it. She, for example, refuses to give her food to her children when they ask for a bite to eat.

Are mothers supposed to sacrifice everything for their children? Will they be unworthy mothers if they don't? It's cliché, but unfortunately many people still think like this: A mother should do EVERYTHING for her children because that is her role.

But not everyone agrees and voices are raised against this injunction from another time. On Mom, a mom says she's willing to sacrifice everything for her children except… her own food. At the risk of creating controversy, she insists that what's on her plate is sacred.

Prohibition on touching mom's plate

For her, her plate is her moment of pleasure, of relaxation, which she does not necessarily have to share with her children. “My plate is my domain. This is, in fact, one of my last personal areas. My children colonized my body, my home, my time, my money, my mind, my heart and my soul. My love for them is immense, and I would gladly give them all of my food if our privileges changed and we were in food distress. I even happily share my food with them now – but only when I don't want to have it all for myself. I share out of generosity, but not out of obligation”, Explains the mother.

It's a matter of self-care, a matter of "putting on your oxygen mask before helping your children", if you will. I eat for my health. I eat for fun. I eat to feed myself. I eat to live”, She adds. A rather logical way of thinking. Just because you're a mother doesn't mean you have to give your children everything if you don't want to. Before we are parents, we are humans.

This mom says she refuses to deprive herself of things she likes to eat to give to her children, as her own mother did. So a few years ago, when her son asked her for the last potato on her plate (you know, the one that's soaked in oil, so crispy and kept for last), she has it. eat. She explained to her son: “I would give my life for you, but I would never give up one of my crispy potatoes for you”. Well said !

The sacrifices of his own mother

If this woman is so passionate about food, it's because she remembers that her mother sometimes went without eating for her children. Apparently that didn't make her happy at all. The mother explains that her mother, at the request of her daughters, sacrificed large parts of her meals to please them. Suddenly, she ate very little.

I swore to myself that I wouldn't let my kids do the same to me once I was a mother. (I made this wish right after apologizing to my own mother, of course)”, Confides the woman. She concludes: “There is one person on this planet who has a legitimate right to my favorite potatoes – or any food on my plate: This is my own mother ”.