“I said 25 times in an interview that I have tics”: Vincent Lindon reframes things about his disorder which dates back to childhood

By Samya Yakoubaly | Editor

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Star of French cinema, Vincent Lindon will participate in the opening of the Cannes festival with the presentation of the film “The Second Act” by Quentin Dupieux. On this occasion, he answered questions from “Figaro” and notably spoke about his tics.

“I said 25 times in an interview that I have tics”: Vincent Lindon reframes things about his disorder which dates back to childhood

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Vincent Lindon is a regular at the Cannes Film Festival and this one pays him back: he won an acting prize for The law of the market in 2015, the film in which he is the hero, Titaniumwon the Palme d’Or in 2021 and he held the role of president of the jury in 2022. For this 77th edition which starts this Tuesday, May 14, 2024, the 64-year-old actor has less pressure on his shoulders, however, since he climbs the steps for the opening with Quentin Dupieux’s film, The Second Actpresented out of competition. Le Figaro met him at the beginning of the cinematographic event, and he offers, as he knows how to do so well, an interview in complete sincerity with no taboo subject.

Vincent Lindon is indeed a well-known outspoken artist and he uses it to address delicate subjects such as accusations of sexual assault in the cinema industry but also for more intimate questions, namely his mannerisms. At Figarohe explains that he was not afraid of the allusion to his tics in the film of which he is one of the heroes, The Second Act : “I do not care. I have said twenty-five times in interviews that I have tics. If someone suggests that I remove my tics in a minute, I don’t agree. It’s me. This is my crutch.”

Happy companion of Cécile Duffau as well as father of Marcel and Suzanne – the mother of the latter is none other than his ex-wife Sandrine Kiberlain -, Vincent Lindon has gone through several phases in relation to his tics: “Tics are lifelong. I learned to live with it. And with the people around me. At first, at school, people made fun of me. Afterwards, there was the stage, not unpleasant, around the twenties: ‘Hey, he’s different from the others.’ And again afterwards: ‘It’s still charming.’ Then: ‘You know what, Vincent, I don’t even see them anymore.’ Those who see me a lot, but even the others, since I have been in the scene for a while. Dupieux puts that in the script? Come on, damn! I couldn’t see myself asking him to delete the line. He would have said to me: ‘If you want…’ I would have gone home and felt ridiculous.”

The origin of Vincent Lindon’s tics dates back to childhood

Tics that disappear as soon as the cameras turn on. In 1987 and at the Cannes festival, he had already discussed his disorder in front of a journalist, Régine Magné: “Are you referring to my nervousness? It’s true that when I hear the word ‘motor’, I forget all my anxieties, my tics, my nervousness. So if someone could shout engine at me a little more often….”

The origin of his tics goes back to childhood. It was after his parents separated, when he was only 5 years old, that Vincent fell into deep unhappiness. “These are emotional tics. From what I understand, the tics started around the time his parents separated.” explained his friends interviewed as part of the France 2 program One day a destiny.

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