“I saw them twice”: in Limoges, a conference to talk about extraterrestrials, the authorities worried

“The ships, I have seen them twice, I know what I am talking about”: until Monday, the Zénith de Limoges is hosting a congress aimed at preparing the arrival of extraterrestrials on Earth, under the worried eye of elected officials and associations. Some 2,200 people from all over France, some from abroad, registered for the “Exovision Symposium” organized since Saturday by the NGO Alliances Célestes, for 150 to 190 euros for the three days – and an additional 147 euros for the final gala evening.

“This gathering helps open awareness,” said Dany, a participant interviewed by an AFP correspondent at lunchtime in her van in the enclosure parking lot. “It’s an opportunity for us, as individuals, but also for the nation.” This 70-year-old woman, from Charente-Maritime, claims to have seen vessels “twice, in the 1990s, in Brittany and in the Alps”. “It was not a hallucination. But at the state level, everything is hidden, camouflaged. It is time that we talk about the beings around us,” she adds.

Further on, Simone, a former psychiatrist from Vaucluse, explains that she “communicates” with beings from other planets, “in Arcturus, the Alpha lyre” and that she is “close to the Pleaïdiens”. “Stop judging, open up,” she says. Other participants highlighted their “curiosity” or their questions about “the phenomenon of life on other planets”.

Concern from the authorities

According to its website, the NGO Alliance Célestes aims to “promote a serious strategy of predictable relations between terrestrial human beings and members of civilizations of an extraterrestrial exobiological nature, in order to benefit both parties from a collaboration of a humanitarian nature , philosophical, medical, energetic and technological, under the aegis of fair and effective mediation.

Ahead of the event, elected officials and associations, including the vice-president of the Haute-Vienne department Thierry Miguel and Infosectes Aquitaine, had warned against possible “deviances” by pointing out the presence of “conspiracy” speakers.

The prefecture, recalling the absence of “legal reason” to prohibit such an event, indicated that the organizing NGO is not classified as a movement with sectarian tendencies. The gathering was placed under the discreet surveillance of territorial intelligence. “We are in the ufological religion, with the use of scientific vocabulary. There are many followers of the New Age there,” comments Didier Pachoud, president of Gemppi (Study Group of Thought Movements in view of the protection of the individual), association providing assistance to victims of sectarian aberrations. By warning against “hunters of souls and wallets”.

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