I See Red: A new roguelite to discover with 10 minutes of video

Roguelites, we eat all the sauces in recent years, and it is not about to stop. We continue to discover new things every day, like today with I See Redthe first production of the Argentinian studio Whiteboard Gameswhich has partnered with the giant gameforge (Ogame, Sword of Legends Online) to release the game worldwide. We discover ten minutes of gameplay to put us in the mood and make us understand the ambitions of the title.

In red and black

I See Red presents us with a futuristic dystopian universe, in which our character will go in search of revenge, which will leave many corpses behind. Whether robots, aliens, or even humans, our protagonist will leave many victims in his wake, if he is not the first to die.

The gameplay of the game promotes both ranged and close combat, in particular with a grappling hook to be used to reduce the distance between the character and the enemy. Roguelite obliges, death will be very present, but it will also be an opportunity to improve our hero to have better chances afterwards.

For the moment, the release of I See Red is planned for this year, on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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