“I thought I was dying”, Camille Lellouche’s story on domestic violence


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This Sunday, November 28, in the show “Seven to eight”, Camille Lellouche returned to her past as a battered woman in a moving testimony.

Talk about. This Sunday, November 28, the show “Seven to eight” on TF1 portrayed Camille Lellouche. The opportunity for the comedian to return to a passage in his life sadly marked by domestic violence and on which she had already briefly expressed herself for the first time in the documentary “Camille Lellouche: authentic” broadcast on Canal +. “I was 19 years old. I was in BAC Pro Commerce. I lived through hell for two years. All forms of violence that a woman can suffer, I have suffered”., she informs. After a month of relationship with this man who “was as they all are, seductive, charming, very intelligent, trilingual”, violence appears. “I didn’t have time to react, he slapped me very hard, he was still 120 kilos”. The first of the many blows she will receive during her two-year relationship, punctuated by violence “three to four times a week”.

Camille Lellouche tries to leave this violent man, whom she loved, without succeeding. However, when he hit her, he told her that it was her fault and that she deserved these blows. “I apologized every time because I was scared”, she says. At the time, she lost 12 kilos in two months and became “a shadow”. With tears in her eyes, the 35-year-old singer spoke of when she thought she was going to die. “After a few months, I didn’t want to make love with him, he insults me, he insults me, he insults me, he started to give me rights in all directions, nudges in the back. And I started to pee on myself. And I tell him (…) and he tells me ‘I don’t care’ and he kicks me (…) Before falling asleep, he said to me ‘If you move, if I ‘even hear breathing, I’m killing you’. I slept in my piss on the floor. I prayed that I wouldn’t die. ”

“You have to file a complaint”

If the comedian has decided to confide more on this painful ordeal, it is above all for “To free oneself from it” and also to help all women victims of domestic violence to talk about it. “Obviously, the first time you have to leave, you have to file a complaint”, she says. And the interpreter of “Do not insist” promises it: “Once we are out of this hell, you will see, it is beautiful afterwards”.

In France, each year, 220,000 women are victims of domestic violence, of which 18% manage to file a complaint. aufeminin is a partner of La Maison des femmes, which supports women in difficulty or victims of violence every day. To support the actions of these unique places, every donation counts.

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