“I thought it was urine” Magalie confides in this unknown sexual phenomenon

Magalie Guerrier-Benoît is a doctor in psychology, sexologist and psychotherapist. But she is also a woman prone to what is called female ejaculation, squirting or even ‘squirting’. She testifies for Aufeminin.

Almost everyone has already heard of the term squirting, female ejaculation, or that of a squirting woman. It is less common, however, to find out what it actually means. What is called the squirt, it is the colorless and odorless liquid that sometimes expels the female urethra parallel to orgasm. In more or less large quantity, in runoff or in jet. Far from the clichés conveyed by pornographic films, the doctor in psychology, sexologist and psychotherapist Magalie Guerrier-Benoît has made it her specialty. And for good reason : she herself experienced it and learned to master it in her sexual life. She has made it her mission to educate about this normal and yet little-known biological phenomenon, which complex many women often for lack of information on the subject.

“From a scientific point of view, female ejaculation at the very start comes from the brain! It comes from desire, from excitement… The brain will order the kidneys, we don’t yet know how, to produce primitive urine, stripped of all its waste, which will fill the bladder. Then, the contractions caused by the onset of orgasm will contract the bladder and push this liquid out through the urethra.”

To recognize the sensation of the squirt, it’s simple it’s an urge to urinate! progressive, until the release of the squirt” (…) It will be something more abundant than a usual lubrication, but it’s not necessarily the jet you see in the movies. Some women don’t even realize it. (…) At the time of release there is a feeling of well being but which is not comparable to orgasm. As we are in an urge to urinate, it is a bit of a feeling of relaxation.

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“The first time was impressive!”

What first pushed Magalie to wonder about female ejaculation was her own experience. If she always felt an urge to urinate corresponding to her sexual arousal, one day it showed up. She releases an ejaculation during sex with her partner at the time. “I had no idea what it could be about, the first time, it was impressive! It wasn’t a jet at all as you can see but it was very abundant. At first I thought it was urine. But there’s no smell, no color, so I figured that’s not it. (…) I did not feel shame, more astonishment. And above all, it didn’t show up afterwards, it was something isolated. I was maybe a little more relaxed that day (…) I still live it today, but there really has to be a particular mental, physical and emotional state.”

The first time it happens to her, Magalie’s reflex is the one we would all have: look on the Internet. “Unfortunately. And that’s how I discovered the title squirt, but in a caricatural way.

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“There is a real lack of sex education”

Female ejaculation, squirting, squirting, these terms are often equated with pornographya state of affairs that revolts the doctor. “It’s simulated. They inject liquid into the vagina, or they do not eat and they drink a lot of water to have something transparent similar to squirt while urinating. Women shouldn’t expect phenomena like that.” In her office work, Magalie Guerrier-Benoît began to look into the subject. The more research she does, the more patients she meets who come to see her for this problem.

Often, his patients think they suffer from anorgasmia. “So the impossibility of having orgasms because they think they have a problem. I remember the first: she told me ‘when I’m too excited I wet the sheets, and we end up going in the bathtub.’ For her it was a real problem, and for her partner too.” As is often the case with subjects relating to sex education, it is the ignorance of the subject that is worrying. “Often in office I have an anatomical model to show all the connections. It helps to better understand how it works, and to understand that it’s normal. It is a relief.”

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Female ejaculation, how to master it

“First of all, you have to know that once you get there, we can control it. From the moment we recognize this feeling of rising, we can, if we wish, not let go. If you think you are affected by female ejaculation, there are several methods to manage your squirt:

  • The specialist is clear: THE technique to learn to master it is simple: masturbation. (…) Know your body well. Know where his organs are. And learn yourself before learning with another, really. (…) We can try very specific masturbation techniques, stimulation of the famous G zone. There is this possibility of feeling the rise of the squirt and of releasing it. Since the G-zone is also glued to the bladder.”
  • Second advice from the doctor, know that this is normal: “from the moment you have a bladder and sexual intercourse: it’s normal.
  • Third tip, according to her, probably the most important:it is above all not to put pressure on yourself. I see a lot of ‘Masturbate yourself in this way, in this position…’ So women are in a kind of search for performance to get there. And it’s not very effective for letting go.”

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Talking about female ejaculation with your partner

One of the questions you can also ask yourself when you are prone to female ejaculation is how to talk about it to your partner. Whether we learned to control it or not, if it happens, his advice is to talk about it naturally, and explain what it is. With one caveat though: “Maybe not say it before because some will be in search of this performance. Because they always have the impression that it is they who are triggering the phenomenon. While it is not at all a question of partners.”

In June 2022, Magalie Guerrier-Benoît posted an essay, “I squirt therefore I am.” A book that is intended as a real educational support to help women prone to female ejaculation to better understand their body and their experience. She recounts both her experience and answers the questions she hears in her office about this little-known phenomenon. She also offers thematic workshops in order to integrate squirt into sex education and get it out of pornography.

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