“I told myself it was for me”: before Oppenheimer, Robert Downey Jr. was snatched a role by Cillian Murphy at Christopher Nolan

Before “Oppenheimer”, Robert Downey Jr. almost played Batman’s first enemy in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. A role ultimately given to Cillian Murphy.

It was quietly, almost casually, that Robert Downey Jr. released quite a scoop a few days ago. Following a screening of Oppenheimer at the Aero Theater in Los Angeles, the American actor revealed to a stunned audience that Christopher Nolan had thought of him for the role of the Scarecrow in The Dark saga Knight!

“I told myself it was for me”

“I’m sure I heard “There’s This Role of the Scarecrow” and thought it was for me.”says Robert Downey Jr, for whom filming Oppenheimer was an astonishing experience.

“I remember meeting Christopher Nolan afterwards for tea and I said to myself that he didn’t seem to really count on this interview”continues Robert Downey Jr. “He was polite, but you know when someone is letting you know that things aren’t going to go your way.”

Three years later, Iron Man…

Robert Downey Jr. therefore believed very strongly to play the evil Scarecrow in Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan, but hope quickly vanished after meeting the British filmmaker. Not too many regrets for RDJ, who will play Iron Man three years later, a role which brought him international glory and for which he considers himself very good.

It is ultimately Cillian Murphy who will play the character of the Scarecrow in the trilogy The Dark Knight. And all’s well that ends well: years later, Christopher Nolan would direct the two candidates for the role of Batman’s enemy in Oppenheimerhuge success of the year 2023.

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