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Alexandra Lamy is the director of the TV movie Touchées. A role adored by the actress … despite the stress generated by the idea of ​​directing for the first time.

Alexandra Lamy went behind the camera for a project close to her heart: the fight against domestic violence. Affected follows the fate of three women victims of violence, who try to rebuild themselves thanks to an association. Changing hats for the actress was a mixture of stress and evidence. And to say loud and clear his first “Stock“In front of the team, she told us that she had even chosen to leave nothing to chance…“I trained the day before, in the mirror of my hotel room, to say this famous ‘action’. I asked myself ‘No, but what type of action am I going to send?’ Because I know it, for the actors, ‘action’, it is not nothing. And it can be driving, it carries. So I practiced knowing when and how to say it.”

A first “stock“all the stronger for the budding director that he was “sent” to her best friend, actress Mélanie Doutey. “The first time I said ‘action’ was to shoot a scene with Mélanie, it was super funny. We laughed, and at the same time, we wanted to cry, because it was moving. My first scene as a director was with my friend, frankly, it’s great. I confessed to him afterwards that I had trained, it made him laugh a lot.

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Alexandra Lamy, a committed director

Becoming a director was a desire that Alexandra Lamy had had in her for several years, without ever satisfying it. It took this project for her to decide to get involved. “I read the comic strip (by Quentin Zuttion), I obviously found it great. I said to myself that for a first film, it was perfect. In general, we put all our guts into it, everything we are, or even more, so for me it was the right subject, and the right way to express my commitments..”

So she embarked on this project without ever looking back or questioning her decision, despite her very legitimate questions. “I forbade myself to be afraid. From the moment I said yes, I decided to put that behind me. I had fears, but I worked, maybe 10 times more, and I never let myself be blocked. If you have doubts, you have to work harder. We are afraid, but we must not let ourselves be slowed down, give ourselves the means to get over it. And I’m very proud of the result.

Affected is broadcast on TF1 on September 22 at 9:10 p.m., with Mélanie Doutey, Chloé Jouannet and Claudia Tagbo.

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