“I understand the temptation to do justice to yourself, but it is very dangerous”

Solene Delinger
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11:20 a.m., October 30, 2022

François-Xavier Bellamy is the guest of the “Grand Rendez-Vous” this Sunday morning on Europe 1 and CNews. At the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk, the right-wing MEP (LR / EPP) returned to the violence shaking our society and pushing certain citizens to take justice into their own hands. For François-Xavier Bellamy, this temptation is understandable because of the level of insecurity but remains extremely dangerous.

France is facing “structural insecurity”. This is what François-Xavier Bellamy assures this Sunday morning in Le Grand Rendez-Vous, on Europe 1 and CNews. At the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk, the right-wing MEP returned to the Roanne affair, where a father took justice into his own hands by beating up with his neighbors an unaccompanied Guinean minor, suspected of having assaulted sexually her 6-year-old daughter.

“Public order is no longer guaranteed”

François-Xavier Bellamy denounces this punitive expedition but says he understands it because “public order is no longer guaranteed”. “I think what we are going through is extremely serious because the heart of civic life, the heart of the city, is precisely public order. And that is what we expect first of all from the We expect political authority to guarantee this public order. And today, because public order is no longer guaranteed, because people feel they are in constant structural insecurity, they are beginning to “organize to be able to protect themselves. Because justice is no longer doing its job, they are starting to organize themselves to do justice to themselves”, assures the MEP facing Sonia Mabrouk.

“The number of attempted homicides has tripled in the last ten years”

The MEP therefore “understands” this “temptation” but says that it is “very dangerous”. “If we want to prevent it from spreading everywhere, it is time to rebuild our system”, he pleads before speaking of the “responsibilities” of the policies carried out in recent years. How did we get here ? “We must look to the policies that have been carried out in recent years, in recent decades and which have led to this incredible disintegration of the state”, assures François-Xavier Bellamy.

“In our country, in the last ten years, the number of attempted homicides has tripled. It is Alain Bauer who produces this figure. He is a great specialist in crime issues. We can see how much we are facing to once again structural insecurity. And I come back to the situation in Nantes. If the figures do not explode more, it is because many people in our country are taking measures to protect themselves. I am thinking of the most vulnerable, I am thinking of the elderly, I am thinking of women, I am thinking of young girls. They themselves refuse to leave their homes at certain times, to go through certain places”, he underlines.

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