“I wanted to scream”, Camille Lellouche victim of domestic violence


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In the documentary “Camille Lellouche: authentic” soon to be broadcast on Canal +, Camille Lellouche looks back on the domestic violence she has experienced.

A toxic relationship. On November 19, Canal + will broadcast a new documentary on Camille Lellouche. Entitled “Camille Lellouche: authentic”, the comedian and singer will look back on her career but also on elements of her personal life that have marked her. Among them, as reported here is: an ex-boyfriend who abused her physically and verbally when she was 19 years old. Domestic violence that affected her self-confidence and to which she wished to indulge.

“At 19, I have confidence in myself, I feel beautiful. I felt intelligent. And I meet this person. He is handsome, intelligent, charismatic. He has it all. He’s THE guy. after three months it’s gone in peanuts “. A first big argument arrives accompanied by violence: “I was in ultimate annoyance. I went out so as not to cry in front of him for 10-15 minutes. When I come back I hear, ‘Where is that bitch?’. He slaps me. But it is. so absurd, it’s a shock. I say to him: ‘You are you hitting me?’ You are hitting me? ‘, I tell him. talk about me. You disgust me “.

“I wanted to throw up 7 days a week”

However, the interpreter of “But I love you” cannot immediately leave this violent spouse. The reason ? A well-established technique and very often used by violent men to avoid being left. “They all have the same technique: he kisses my feet, he cries, he collapses, he writes love letters to me … He tells me that has never happened to him”. Only then, the arguments continue with the blows and bruises visible on his body. Added to this is the isolation of those close to them, again a mechanism used by violent men. “I wanted to scream and at the same time, I’m so nice… After a while, you don’t have any more strength. You get beaten, you are humiliated. I wanted to vomit 7 days a week”, she confides. Lucky for her, her mother will help her get her out of this hell. In France, each year, 220,000 women are victims of domestic violence, of which 18% manage to lodge a complaint.

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