“I was trapped”: Michel Drucker returns with emotion to the moment he lost his health

Michel Drucker is the portrait of the week in the show Sept à Huit this Sunday, January 23. Faced with Audrey Crespo-Mara, he confided in his recent health problems.

Shocking secrets. In September 2020, Michel Drucker had been forced to postpone his return to TV, for the sake of his health. Indeed, the presenter had been hospitalized in order to undergo a heart operation, within a Parisian establishment. The objective of this operation was to unclog the coronary arteries, which have the role of vascularizing the heart muscle, in order to prevent any heart attack, explained the Parisian. This Sunday, January 23, he is the portrait of the week on the show seven to eight. The opportunity for him to come back, with great emotion, on his convalescence. “I have always liked the duration, whether professionally, romantically, friendly or even family“, he first asserted. “But for that, health must last, and there I was trapped”, he continues before adding: “I was convinced that I was indestructible”. A feeling shared by his colleagues: “In the business, there are friends who say: ‘Drucker, it’s Terminator.. nothing will ever happen to him'”, he said before adding: “Something bad happened to me.” A moving moment for the host, who realized that everything could stop overnight.

He surrendered. Faced with Audrey Crespo-Mara, the presenter chained the confidences. Despite the health problems he may have encountered, he assures have no intention of ending to his career soon. “I don’t want to compare myself to Molière, but when Dalida sang ‘To die on stage’, I understand her very very well”, he first asserted. Indeed, Michel Drucker is determined to stay in the media as long as possible and to take full advantage of this profession which fascinates him. In addition, if his operation had encountered any problems, the host had asked his doctors to “unplugging myself. I couldn’t bear the idea of ​​doing a public job again when I was disabled”, he explained. The reason ? “For me, my life is my job. If I had come out diminished, handicapped on the neurological level, on the cerebral level, for me, it was not playable”, he confided, in complete transparency. “When you start TV at 22, not even, and you’re still there almost 60 years later, that means you have a real passion for your job.“, he added before specifying: “Without my job, I would not see myself living“. While his doctors advised him to take more than a year off, it is only after six months that Michel Drucker made his big comeback on television.

Michel Drucker: what difficulties had he encountered following his operation?

Last September, Michel Drucker had undergone a major operation since it was a triple coronary bypass. Shortly after, he went back to the operating table again because his scar had become infected. Indeed, he had revealed to have been the victim of a streptococcus, a bacterium responsible for many mild infections. It was in the columns of Paris Match that he gave details: “I probably caught it during a dental treatment. I should have taken antibiotics before and after. It is imperative, especially if you have already had minor heart problems like me. Resistant, the streptococcus attacked all my organs“, he confided. He then clarified that he had become a “child a powerless puppet that one strips bare, washes, makes urinate or takes to sit in the toilet with small steps“. Today, the host is much better and he is delighted to be able to find his audience.


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