“I will not go”: Raquel Garrido refuses to return to Balance your post if Eric Naulleau presents the show (VIDEO)

Raquel Garrido explained that she will not return on the set of Balance your post when Éric Naulleau will be at the presentation of the show …

Raquel Garrido has made up his mind: she won’t be in the next issue of Balance your post on C8. Invited this morning on the airInstant M on France inter, the companion of Alexis Corbière explained the reasons for his temporary departure from the show. The cause: Éric Naulleau. For several months, the columnist has hosted the show when Cyril Hanouna cannot be present. But now, the current does not pass at all between the former chronicler of Laurent Ruquier and the former spokesperson for rebellious France. Tensions which caused astonishing sequences on the set of Balance your post. And this is not the first time that Raquel Garrido has decided to desert the set so as not to be confronted with Eric Naulleau.

Raquel Garrido cold with Eric Naulleau

“It was psychologically very difficult”, explained Raquel Garrido, touched by certain remarks by Eric Naulleau in the middle of the show. “Besides, I won’t go. The show there, Thursday night, Balance your post resumes. I thought at one point that it could be hosted by Cyril Hanouna, because I understood that people took into account the difficulty that there was around this person Éric Naulleau, of his political commitment, and in fact not. He’s the one who’s going to host the show this Thursday night, so I’m not going “, launched Raquel Garrido still recovering.


To understand the whole story, we must remember that Eric Naulleau is a close friend of Eric Zemmour and Raquel Garrido thinks that the columnist should be considered as a support for the presidential candidate. I think Eric Naulleau today should be counted for Zemmour by the CSA and I do not think that it is normal that Eric Naulleau animates Balance your post, reiterated Raquel Garrido on France Inter, while the main party has always denied being a political support for Eric Zemmour. “He challenges him because he wants to continue hosting the show and he doesn’t want to be counted as Zemmourien, but no one is fooled”, hammered the activist of rebellious France. Their reunion on a set is not for tomorrow …

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