“I would have liked to continue with him”: Léa Salamé disappointed with the departure of Laurent Ruquier from We are live

Passing through the Touche set not at my post on Thursday September 22, 2022 on C8, journalist Léa Salamé returned to the choice of Laurent Ruquier, who left the show We are live.

A page from the history of France 2and television in general, turned last season. Indeed, Laurent Ruquier has decided to leave the emblematic box of Saturday in the 2nd part of the evening on the public channel. For the record, he occupied this famous box for 16 long years. It was in 2006 that the host inherited this strategic time slot. At the time, it had been occupied since 1998 by Thierry Ardisson, who presented the cult program every week Everybody talks about it. While the host had just left France Télévisions, following a disagreement with the director at the time, Patrick de Carolis, it was Laurent Ruquier who was chosen to take over the box with a brand new show. The presenter therefore launched another program that was to mark the history of French television: We are not in bed.

When picking up the Saturday box in the 2nd part of the evening on France 2, Laurent Ruquier was already one of the emblematic faces of the public channelgiven that he had been a hit in terms of audiences for several years with his daily show We tried everything. Once again, the new program proposed by the animator on Saturday evening was a success. Thanks in particular to the duo of polemicists formed by Éric Zemmour and Éric Naulleau, still unknown at the time, We are not in bed has become one of the key events in the French audiovisual landscape. Subsequently, several personalities succeeded one another within the program such as: Audrey Pulvar, Natacha Polony, Lea SalameAymeric Caron, Yann Moix, Charles Consigny, or even Christine Angot. Finally, after 14 years on the air, We are not in bed stopped for lack of ratings in 2020. However, Laurent Ruquier kept the Saturday evening box with a new show, entitled We are live.

Léa Salamé on Laurent Ruquier: “I tried to convince him to stay”

After presenting the first season of this new program alone, the host has decided to call back one of his former polemicists from the time ofWe are not in bed : Lea Salame. The presenter and the journalist thus presented the 2nd season ofWe are live on France 2. Unfortunately, this exercise ultimately did not suit Laurent Ruquier. Frustrated by the mechanics of his pair with his co-host, the presenter of Big heads of RTL eventually decided to retire, announcing his departure from the show We are live. After 16 long years of having been faithful to the position every Saturday in the 2nd part of the evening on France 2, Laurent Ruquier preferred to give way to Léa Salamé. The one which also presents the morning of France Inter with Nicolas Demorand will therefore embody a brand new program this season. baptized What an era! this talk show will notably mark the great return of Christophe Dechavanne to the air after long years of absence.

For his part, Laurent Ruquier is keeping this season the presentation of his second weekly program on France 2: Children of TV. Otherwise, the host is working on new programs, which should be broadcast in prime time on the public channel. On the radio side, Laurent Ruquier has started a new season at the helm of the Big heads since Monday, August 29, 2022 on RTL. While the first issue of the show What an era! will air Saturday, September 24, 2022 on France 2, Léa Salamé was on the set of Do not touch My TV Thursday, September 22, 2022. Not surprisingly, Cyril Hanouna again questioned him about the departure of Laurent Ruquier. “I would have liked to continue with him“, first launched the journalist. “I tried to convince him to stay“, also added Léa Salamé. “I understand his decision and I respect it.“, finally concluded the presenter. It remains to be seen now whether the public will actually be there for this new weekly program every Saturday evening, despite the absence of Laurent Ruquier.

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