ICE Hockey League – Upswing in Linz with a lot of help from Salzburg

After years of chaos, the Black Wings Linz are back in domestic ice hockey. Salzburg and former Bulls have a large share in the successful run.

With the brilliant 6-2 win over the Eisbullen, Linz proved once again that they are a force to be reckoned with this season. Right in the middle was Raphael Wolf from Antheringer. “It’s still something special when I play in Salzburg, I practically grew up in this hall, I know every door,” explains the 26-year-old. Who was also allowed to celebrate his first goal of the season in his old “living room”. With the victory on the Salzach, the Upper Austrians climbed past the Bulls to third place in the table. Not much can be seen from the past chaos years. “There was a lot of fuss at the club, and as a player you obviously notice that too. This season we have great guys in the team and we feel the trust”, the defender is happy about the upswing at the Black Wings. One, with a lot of help from Salzburg. Because the Flachgauer is one of three “Stierwoscha” in the ranks of the Stahlstadter. Another is Thomas Höneckl. The 33-year-old played a total of nine years for Salzburg and is now in his second season in charge of Linz. Alexander Lahoda has not yet been able to participate. Zeller injured himself in the test match against Eisbären Berlin and is still waiting for his return. Although not native to Salzburg, Marco Brucker and Andreas Kristler also have a lot of past in the Volksgarten, who were also able to celebrate two championships together in the city of Mozart. Not forgetting Brian Lebler, who just became champion this year as a play-off signing with the McIlvane crew are of course the goal,” Wolf specifies the further route.
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