Identity card: soon a new application to facilitate administrative procedures

This device, launched shortly by the government, will give users the possibility of producing a single-use proof of identity and connecting to all the services offered by FranceConnect.

Digitizing your identity card on your phone… This should soon be possible. The government will soon launchan application that will allow you to prove your identity online“. This application should be available at the end of May in a test version and will be gradually improved.

A decree was published in the Official Journal on April 26 to authorize the creation of a means of electronic identification called “Digital Identity Guarantee Service(SGIN). This project follows Alicem, a first similar initiative but which had been abandoned following an unfavorable opinion from the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (Cnil) because of the question of facial recognition. In this new application, this type of recognition has thus been abandoned.

A service extended to passports at the end of 2022

The objective promoted by the government is in particular to facilitate access to all the sites available via FranceConnect, such as the tax or health insurance site. This application will also allow provide proof of identity to put an end to identity card scans but also prove that you are of age without revealing your identity or even giving a power of attorney in one click “, is it written on the government website.

However, for the moment, only people with the new biometric identity card will be able to use it, which today represents 4.5 million French people. They just have to scan it with their phone with the NFC chip, this technology which already allows you to put your bank card on mobile phones. Several personal data will then be stored: surname, first name, date of birth, passport photo, postal address, email address and passport photo, with the exception of the digitized image of fingerprints. This service will then be extended at the end of 2022 to passports and residence permits.

Such a proposal was favorably received by the CNIL because it allows “to strengthen people’s control over their data, in particular by giving them the possibility of disclosing only certain information, to improve the security of procedures, in particular by eliminating the circulation of photocopies of civil status documents when carrying out administrative procedures and to facilitate the fight against document fraud.»

However, the CNIL insists on the need not to make this means of electronic identification compulsory in order to guarantee equal access for all members of the public to offline and online services, both public and private. “The creation of the means of electronic identification and its use are the sole will of the users.“, indeed clarifies the decree.

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