IDI: Flex Composite Group acquires Selcom, a specialist in multiaxial fabrics – 2022-10-24 at 08:03

Flex Composite Group (FCG, formerly ORCA Développement), supported mainly by IDI and by Andera Partners in minority, is pursuing its external growth strategy and strengthening its positions in the advanced composite materials market by completing the acquisition of Selcom, specialist multiaxial tissues

Present in the design, manufacture and distribution of (i) flexible coated fabrics, (ii) technical films and (iii) carbon composite materials, FCG is strengthening its position as a key player in this third segment by acquiring Selcom, an Italian company with a turnover of nearly €30m, with the founding family.

For Julien Bentz, Managing Partner of the IDI investment team and Chairman of the Board of Directors of FCG: “The acquisition of Selcom is part of the ambitious strategy carried out by the management team aiming to constitute a unique group in advanced technical materials. This operation makes it possible to integrate complementary know-how and to benefit from strong synergies. As the majority shareholder, we are proud to support them in this new stage for FCG, which has quintupled its EBITDA in 7 years. There are many opportunities for external growth in our niche markets, which are global. »

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