If dogs could decide, they would drive electric (according to a very serious study)

Samir Rahmoun

January 02, 2023 at 12:30 p.m.


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A just published study shows that dogs are less stressed in electric vehicles than in conventional cars.

The American platform for buying and selling cars CarGurus conducted its small investigation, in collaboration with the University of Lincoln, in the United Kingdom. And clearly, dogs prefer electric vehicles!

Dogs are more relaxed in electric vehicles

The two-day study involved a staff of 20 dogs, each of whom had to make the same 10-minute journey twice: one in an electric vehicle, the other in a diesel vehicle. They were then subjected to a battery of scientific observations and biometric measurements. From what to draw a fairly clear conclusion.

Our results clearly show that dogs seem to be more relaxed in EVs, especially when it comes to behavioral traits like nervousness. Additionally, an interesting and somewhat unintended revelation from the study came from the dogs we identified as showing potential symptoms associated with motion sickness. says Dr. Mills, professor of veterinary and behavioral medicine at Lincoln University.

Our four-legged friends appreciate the silence

The scientists in charge of the study were thus able to observe that the dogs, lying down for a third of the journey in the two vehicle models, changed position on average 50% more in a diesel vehicle. Restlessness caused by vibrations and engine noises.

The side smooth electric vehicles also makes animals less nauseous, their heart rate dropping by almost 30% when they are transported in this type of vehicle. They are also on average less anxious and moan less in electric cars.

Something to reassure dog owners who are considering leaving the world of internal combustion engines for electric batteries. And this, while quality models are multiplying in the sector and are increasingly accessible directly in Europe, such as the Model S and Model X from Tesla, which are finally arriving on the Old Continent.

Source : CarGurus

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