“If I’m here …”: Valérie Pécresse makes a point against Jean-Jacques Bourdin, accused of attempted sexual assault

Valérie Pécresse was the first guest of France in the eyes broadcast on BFMTV. While the host of the show, Jean-Jacques Bourdin, is currently the subject of a complaint for attempted sexual assault, the presidential candidate wanted to speak on this subject.

Three months before the presidential election, it’s a shock for BFMTV. Last Saturday, The Parisian revealed that Jean-Jacques Bourdin was the subject of a complaint for attempted sexual assault, filed at the 16th arrondissement police station in Paris by a former journalist from BFMTV and RMC. The host, shocked by these revelations, denied the facts with which he was charged. “I never tried to force-kiss her or anyone else.” he let know. This Tuesday, January 19, the Paris prosecutor’s office has announced that it is opening an investigation for suspicion of sexual assault. According to information from Parisian, streaming news channel counts “keep the journalist on the air”. It is therefore no surprise that we found, this Tuesday, January 19, Jean-Jacques Bourdin on the info channel to present his brand new program called France in the eyes with first guest Valérie Pécresse. Before the start of the debates, the presidential candidate wanted to say a few words about the controversy.

Valérie Pécresse wanted to honor the invitation of BFMTV despite the news

The atmosphere was heavy on set. It was in Uzerche in Corrèze, on a television set specially created for the occasion, that the exchange between Valérie Pécresse and the French took place this evening. As agreed with BFM upstream, the politician wanted to make an update on the origin of her coming. “I clearly asked myself the question of my participation in this program this evening due to the opening of an investigation by the courts following a complaint filed against Mr. Bourdin for attempted sexual assault“, she recalls. However, she made it a point of honor to honor the appointment for a simple reason: “I wanted to say things face to face because I am frank and straightforward. If I am here this evening, it is out of respect for you, the French people who have gathered this evening to ask me questions that you have been preparing for a week“.

Jean-Jacques Bourdin did not want to speak

I know that he strongly disputes these facts, and of course it is up to the courts to decide them. And I respect the presumption of innocence“, specifies the candidate invested by Les Républicains. Once the clarification has been made, she took the opportunity to recall her fight against violence against women. After having scratched her name, the host will answer her very succinctly; “I have decided not to express myself on this subject but I contest the facts reported by the press and I let justice do its job.“, he breathes, before launching his show.

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