If it's all about the sound: The best soundbar costs only 375 euros

If you want a really good soundbar, you don't have to dig deep into your pocket – as long as good sound is important. The new number one at Stiftung Warentest costs only 375 euros, the second best device even only 160 euros. For good networkers, however, you have to leaf through a lot more.

Even the best televisions usually have one major drawback: they don't sound particularly good. That's why you need additional hardware to spice up the sound. The easiest way is to place soundbars in front of the TV or screw them on the wall under it. Sound decks are flat boxes on which you put the telly. Stiftung Warentest has tested 16 devices with and without a separate bass box and good news for economical users: more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

The test winner was the German soundbar Nubert nuBox AS-225 with integrated subwoofer. It convinced the examiners with the clearly best sound (1.7) and received an overall rating of 2.2 from them. Their sound is "balanced, colorful and lively, with a dry and strong bass", they write. However, the device is a "classic speaker with no frills." That means there are no more extras than Bluetooth on the nuBox. At 375 euros, it is one of the cheapest test candidates.

Strong sound for just 160 euros

It is just as spartan Samsung HW-R450 equipped that comes with a separate bass box. The soundbar costs only 160 euros, but also offers great sound (2.2) and received the second best overall rating of 2.4 from Stiftung Warentest. And at least you can turn it into a surround system with an optional speaker set (120 euros).

The auditors gave the same quality assessment Yamaha Musiccast Bar 400, which delivers the second best sound (2.2) among the test candidates. It also has a separate subwoofer. Although it costs 500 euros, it is network-compatible with WLAN and LAN connection and can also be expanded into a surround system. However, the additional wireless speakers are quite expensive at 170 euros each.

Also the Samsung HW-Q80R still did well with an overall grade of 2.5. It sounds as beautiful as its little sister, but is much better equipped. The soundbar with extra bass box is network-compatible with WLAN, can be expanded to a surround system and controls Dolby Atmos. This means that speakers aligned to the ceiling complement a surround sound with an additional height dimension. This has its price, for the Samsung HW-Q80R you have to spend 670 euros.

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