“If something should happen”: Loana thoroughly on a “sexy” star of Touche not at my post

He was always nice to me…

Reassuring, Jordan de Luxe tried to console Loana: “Ooh Guillaume Genton, oh no it’s not that he’s not interested in you I think… But then it’s someone else now?“, “Bah Cyril makes me laugh because I tell myself that here is if something must happen, the day when perhaps, it becomes beautiful anyway!“.”Ah well yes he lost weight, he did sports, he is always doing paddle, yes yes I agree with you“Replies the host, very surprised. “He is sexy!“says Loana, very attracted to the presenter of C8.

I tell myself that it’s someone who could make me laugh before, during and after“continues the author of the book Crumb. “After what ?” Jordan de Luxe then asks him, “Love!“.”Oh but Loana!” laughs the host, amused by his guest. Sure of herself, Loana explains: “Me at the moment I’m in mode I want to laugh at all Carpe Diem. I want someone who makes me laugh and he makes me laugh (…) He’s always been nice to me too!“.

Dreaming of becoming a columnist on TPMP, the pretty Loana then added about Guillaume Genton that he was ultimately less interesting than Cyril Hanouna. “He’s sexy too but less funny so good sexy too but hey we’re not going to have an orgy huh” she concluded.

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