If you can’t keep your games, the Xbox keeps your drinks cold with this Mini Fridge on sale

[Deal du jour] The Xbox Series To play the game, the American firm has marketed a real fridge, practical, and ultimately rather pretty.

What is this promotion on this Xbox fridge?

Sold for €119.99 upon release, the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is priced at €67.99 on Cdiscount.

What is this fridge?

Mocked upon its release, the design of the Xbox Series X was clearly not unanimous. Nice player, Microsoft has bounced back by marketing this Mini fridge which incorporates the main visual characteristics of its console. This extra fridge, with a capacity of 4.5 liters, does not replace a real refrigerator. Its size of 462 × 232 × 232 mm and its weight of just under 5 kg make it an easy device to fit in a bedroom, or in a TV corner. You can store up to eight cans or a few snacks in it.

The upper part, illuminated by green LEDs, lights up when the door is opened. The effect is nice and inevitably refers to the visual identity of Microsoft consoles. The backlit Xbox logo on the front supports the resemblance. Without being the essential accessory, this Mini Fridge is a clever and well-designed goodie.

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge does not take up too much space // Source: Microsoft
The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge does not take up too much space // Source: Microsoft

Is this Mini Fridge worth it on sale?

Full pot, it’s expensive for a Mini fridge, but at less than €70 it’s a very good deal. While Microsoft may soon announce the arrival of these games on competing consoles, it’s a good opportunity to remember that the Redmond firm also has a sense of humor.

Inside the fridge, you will find two small shelves to organize your drinks and snacks. Note that the Xbox Mini Fridge also has a USB port to charge a compatible device such as a controller or a smartphone.

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